Bogue Falaya

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Bogue Falaya
Wooden bridge crossing the Bogue Falaya River near Covington, Louisiana.jpg
Wooden bridge crossing the Bogue Falaya River near Covington, Louisiana, 1910s.
CountryUnited States
ParishesWashington, St. Tammany
Physical characteristics
 - locationWashington Parish, Louisiana
 - coordinates30°42′11″N 90°09′55″W / 30.70306°N 90.16528°W / 30.70306; -90.16528
MouthTchefuncte River
Covington, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
 - coordinates
30°26′23″N 90°06′59″W / 30.43972°N 90.11639°W / 30.43972; -90.11639Coordinates: 30°26′23″N 90°06′59″W / 30.43972°N 90.11639°W / 30.43972; -90.11639
Length28 mi (45 km)
Basin features
 - leftAbita River

The Bogue Falaya, also known as the Bogue Falaya River, is a 28-mile-long (45 km)[1] river in southeastern Louisiana in the United States.[2] It is a tributary of the Tchefuncte River, which flows to Lake Pontchartrain. The river flows through an area of mixed pine-hardwood and bottomland hardwood forests on the Gulf Coastal Plain.[3]

The Bogue Falaya rises in southwestern Washington Parish and flows generally south-southeastwardly through western St. Tammany Parish, past Covington, where it collects the Abita River.[4] It joins the Tchefuncte River about 10 miles (16 km) upstream of that river's mouth at Lake Pontchartrain.[2]

The name is derived from the Choctaw words bogu, “river,” and falaya, "long."[5][6]

A portion of the Bogue Falaya in St. Tammany Parish has been designated a "Natural and Scenic River" by the state government of Louisiana.[3]

Variant names and spellings[edit]

According to the Geographic Names Information System, the Bogue Falaya has also been known historically as:[7]

  • Bogue Falaia
  • Bogue Falaya River
  • Bogue Falia
  • Bogue Faliah
  • Bogue Fallaya
  • Bogue Faylia
  • Bogue Phalia
  • Bouge Filia
  • Bouge Filiah
  • Bougue Falaia
  • Buck-Palaya Arroyo
  • Long River

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