Bogumił (archbishop of Gniezno)

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Bogumił (died 1092) was an early archbishop of Gniezno in Poland.[1]

Although the eleventh century was a formative time for the Polish state, the historical records of the time are sparse and there is much that is not known about Bogumił.

He was ordained bishop in about 1075. On Christmas day 1075 Bogumil presided over the coronation of Bolesław II the Bold in Gniezno Cathedral which was substantively rebuilt at this time.

Bogumił died in 1092, and according to the 14th century Life of Otto of Bamberg, was succeeded as bishop by Heinrich von Wülzburg, though exact date are not given. Jan Długosz, writing in 15th century and Gesta principum Polonorum, however, indicate (but do not state) that his successor was Marcin. There is some question about whether Heinrich was actually bishop.

Religious titles
Preceded by
Bossuta Stefan
Archbishop of Gniezno
1075 ;c.1092
Succeeded by
Heinrich von Wülzburg

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