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Bogusław Liberadzki (pronounced [bɔˈɡuswaf libɛˈrat͡ski]; born 1948 in Sochaczew) is a Polish economist and politician. He is a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), elected on 13 June 2004.


Bogusław Liberadzki is a professor of economic sciences. He holds the Chair of Transportation at the Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw (Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie - SGH) and is also a professor in the Maritime Academy in Szczecin (Akademia Morska w Szczecinie). He has a wife, Grażyna and two sons (identical twins) - Kamil (MA) and Marcin (PhD), both working at the Department of Banking of the SGH.

He was an undersecretary (viceminister) in the Ministry of Transportation and Maritime Economy 1989-1993 and the minister in years 1993-1997. Since 1997 he has been an MP (member of Sejm, lower house of Polish parliament) representing Democratic Left Alliance. Since 2003 he was permanent observer in European Parliament and on 1 May 2003 he was appointed a MEP. He is a member of two commissions: regional politics, transport and tourism, and also the commission of industrial development and budget.

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