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Shevchenko National Prize award ceremony 2017 Bogdana Froliak cropped

Bohdana Froliak (or Bohdana Frolyak; born 5 May 1968 in Vydyniv, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR) is a modern Ukrainian composer.


Froliak made her first musical steps in her native village under the guidance of Vasyl Kufliuk, a village teacher who gained educational and musical graduation in Warsaw. In 1986, she graduated from Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv Musical School after studying piano, music theory and composition. In 1991, she graduated from Lviv Conservatory as a composer.[1] Her teachers in the academy were Volodymyr Flys and Myroslav Skoryk. In 1998, Frolyak completed a non-degree postgraduate course of the same university. In 2009, she attended two courses at the faculty of composition and faculty of contemporary music and jazz of Academy of Music in Krakow (Poland).

Since 1991 she has been a lecturer at faculty of musical composition at Lviv Conservatory. She is also a member of the Ukrainian Composers’ Union.

Scholarships and awards[edit]

  • Scholarships:
    • 2001 — scholarship of Warsaw Autumn Friends' Foundation and Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung;[1][2]
    • 2004 — scholarship Gaude Polonia from Minister of Culture of Poland;[2]
  • Awards:

Major works[edit]

  • Orchestral
    • Symphony No. 1 Orbis Terrarum — 1998;
    • Symphony No. 2— 2009;
    • Concerto for piano and orchestra (for young players) — 2000;
    • Concerto for clarinet and orchestra — 2004–2005;
    • "U vozdukhakh plavayut' lisy..."(Ukrainian: У воздухах плвавють ліси...) on versus by Vasyl Stefanyk and Nazar Honchar for clarinet, cello, piano, mixed choir and stringed instruments — 2002;
    • Vestigia for violin, viola and stringed instruments — 2003;
    • Kyrie eleison for mixed choir and strings — 2004;
    • Daemmerung for clarinet and strings — 2005;
    • Agnus Dei for mixed choir and strings — 2006;
    • Jak modlitwa on versus by Adam Zagajewski for soprano and orchestra — 2007;
    • Clarification for cello and strings — 2006;
  • Small ensembles and solo
    • "Why should i, like a tim'rous bird, to distant mountains fly?" (according to Psalm No. 10(11) from the Book of Psalms) for flute, alto flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone (english horn in the initial edition), violin, viola and cello — 2001;
    • Stück for piano — 2004;
    • Partita–meditation for two violins — 2007;
    • Lamento for piano trio — 2007;
    • Suite in C for cello and piano — 2008;
    • Inventions for eight cellos — 2009;


  • Contrasts in Lviv, Ukraine;
  • Kiev-Music-Fest in Kiev, Ukraine;
  • Premieres of the Season in Kiev;
  • Two days and two nights of new music in Odessa, Ukraine;
  • Days of Ukrainian music in Warsaw, Poland and Moscow, Russia;
  • Days of Ukrainian sacred music in Uzhhorod, Ukraine;
  • Days of Music by Kraków Composers in Krakow, Poland;
  • Starosądecki Festiwal Muzyki Dawnej in Stary Sącz, Poland;
  • Warsaw Autumn in Warsaw, Poland;
  • Muzyka w Sandomierzu in Sandomierz, Poland;
  • At Cultural Crossroads in Krakow and Stary Sącz, Poland;
  • MENHIR 2005 music festival falera in Switzerland;


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