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Bohermore Cemetery

Bohermore is located in the area of Galway, Ireland. The name is derived from the Irish literally meaning "the big road", as this was the main road into Galway City from the east in medieval times.

There is a large cemetery located in Bohermore known as the "New Cemetery", which contains two mortuary chapels, one Catholic and the other Protestant. People buried there include the Irish-language writer and journalist Pádraic Ó Conaire (1882-1928), Lord Haw Haw (William Joyce) (1906-1946), an Irish-American who broadcast Nazi propaganda from Germany during World War II, and Lady Gregory (1852-1932), a founding member of the Irish Literary Theatre movement, who hosted a literary and artistic salon in her house at Coole Park, in rural south Galway.[1]

Notable People[edit]


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Coordinates: 53°16′52″N 9°02′19″W / 53.281°N 9.0386°W / 53.281; -9.0386