Bohle River

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Country Australia
Territory Queensland
Region North Queensland
Source Round Mountain
 - location Great Dividing Range, North Queensland, Australia
 - elevation 76 m (249 ft)
Mouth Halifax Bay
 - elevation 1 m (3 ft)
 - coordinates 19°12′15″S 146°42′12″E / 19.20417°S 146.70333°E / -19.20417; 146.70333Coordinates: 19°12′15″S 146°42′12″E / 19.20417°S 146.70333°E / -19.20417; 146.70333
Length 36 km (22 mi)
Basin 368 km2 (142 sq mi)
Location of Bohle river mouth in Queensland

The Bohle River is a short river north of Townsville in Queensland, Australia.

The headwaters of the river rise below Round Mountain in the Great Dividing Range and flow north along the coastal plain past Lake Ross. It continues flowing north parallel with Ross River and cross the Hervey Range Developmental Road east of Thuringowa and then the Ingham Connection Road east of Townsville. It then enters the Bohle River Fish Habitat Area and the Townsville Town Common conservation Park and discharges into the Halifax Bay near Bushland Beach.[1]

The catchment area of the river occupies an 368 square kilometres (142 sq mi) of which an area of 26 square kilometres (10 sq mi) is composed of estuarine wetlands.[2] The river drains most of the coastal plain west of Townsville.[3]

Tributaries include Middle Creek, Stony Creek, Stag Creek and Garner Creek. The river supports recreational fishing, particularly of barramundi.[4]

The Bohle is located approximately 10 kilometres (6 mi) east of Townsville. Popular for river fishing, the Bohle River is also good for collecting bait. Yabbies are found from time to time in the muddy banks. Typical fish species found in the river are barramundi, red bream, mangrove jack and grunter.[4]

The rivers is named after the drover Henry Mackinnon Bohle who worked for a pioneer of the area John Melton Black. Bohle overlanded a mob of cattle to Fanning Downs in 1863 and moved stock to the Cleveland Bay area in 1864 for Black.[5]

Major flooding of the river has occurred in 1991, 1997, January 1998, April 2000, February 2007, February 2008 and February 2014.[3]

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