Bohlen, Meyer, Gibson and Associates

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Bohlen, Meyer, Gibson and Associates (BMG)
Practice information
Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Founded 1853 (as D.A. Bohlen, Architect)

Bohlen, Meyer, Gibson and Associates, or BMG, is an architectural firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was founded by German immigrant Diedrich August Bohlen on April 10, 1853, as D.A. Bohlen, Architect. Work halted while Diedrich fought in the Civil War (beginning in 1863) but resumed once he returned. In 1884 the firm became D.A. Bohlen and Son with the addition of Diedrich's son Oscar Diedrich Bohlen.


Diedrich worked primarily in the Neo-Gothic style.[1] Many of his buildings, like the Indianapolis City Market, exhibited the Rundbogenstil style.[2]

Diedrich died on June 1, 1890. Oscar continued the firm alone until his son, August Carl Bohlen, joined in 1909. August helped to coauthor Indiana's original building codes. A fourth generation of Bohlens came on board in 1946 with the addition of August's son Robert Lesh Bohlen.

In 1961, August incorporated with David V. Burns and the firm became Bohlen and Burns Architects. This was changed to Bohlen, Burns and Associates in 1967 and in 1971 the firm adopted its current name, referencing architects Melvin B.G. Meyer and John M. Gibson. In 1990, the Schneider Corporation purchased the firm.

Over 20 Bohlen projects are listed by the National Register of Historic Places. The firm maintained relationships for decades with clients like the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, for whom they have completed more than sixty projects since 1858. Additional clients include the Indianapolis Star, St. Francis Hospital, and the city of Indianapolis.

Significant buildings[edit]

D.A. Bohlen, Architect[edit]

D.A. Bohlen and Son[edit]



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