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Bohorodchanskyi raion
Богородчанський район
Flag of Bohorodchanskyi raion
Coat of arms of Bohorodchanskyi raion
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 48°43′23″N 24°22′47″E / 48.72306°N 24.37972°E / 48.72306; 24.37972Coordinates: 48°43′23″N 24°22′47″E / 48.72306°N 24.37972°E / 48.72306; 24.37972
Country  Ukraine
Region Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Established January 1, 1947 (1940, originally)
Admin. center Bohorodchany
 • Governor Lilia Kontsur
 • Total 799 km2 (308 sq mi)
 • Total 70,260
 • Density 88/km2 (230/sq mi)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal index 77700
Area code 380-3471
Website Raion profile
Official website

Bohorodchany raion (Ukrainian: Богородчанський район) is a district (raion) of the Ivano-Frankivsk Region in Ukraine. The town of Bohorodchany is the administrative center of the district. The raion is vaguely reminiscent with the Bohorodczan Powiat of the Stanisławów Voivodeship (1920 - 1932). Population: 70,260 (2016 est.)[1].


The district is located in the south-western part of the Ivano-Frankivsk Region (also known as Prykarpattia) stretching from its center towards peaks of the Carpathian Mountains that serve as a natural border between Prykarpattia and Zakarpattia. To the west of the district is located the Rozhniativ district, to the north - Kalush, north-east - Tysmenytsia, south-east - Nadvirna. The Bohorodchany district also has a small border with the Zakarpattia Region.

The physical geography of the district is not the same and divided into three landscape zones: plains, piedmont (foothills), mountains. The highest peak is the mountain Syvulia 1,836.6 m (6,026 ft) which is located on the border of Bohorodchany and Rozhniativ districts and is part of Gorgany mountainous system. Two major rivers that flow through the area are Bystrytsias of Solotvyn and Nadvirna.

Nature protected areas Municipality
Skete of Manyava Botanic Reserve Manyava
Manayva Waterfall, Landmark of Nature Manyava

The total area of forests in the district is 413 km2 (159 sq mi) which is over 50% of the district's territory. In the middle of the Carpathian Gorgany is located a botanic reserve "Skete of Manyava" known as a local arboretum which contains selection of Larix decidua. Near the reserve is located over 20 m (66 ft) tall waterfall, a local Landmark of Nature. Near the village of Starunya is located a unique mud volcano.

Administrative division[edit]

The district is divided into 32 municipalities: two - urban, 30 - rural. Within the district are located 41 settlements and no cities. All municipalities are named after their administrative centers and may include other settlements within their territories.

Largest settlements in the region
# Settlement Population
1 Bohorodchany 7,464 (2001)
2 Solotvyn 3,867 (2001)
3 S.Bohorodchany 3,569 (2001)
4 Manyava 3,491 (2001)
5 Rosilna 3,212 (2001)
Municipality Population
Number of
Water resources
(if available)
Bohorodchany 7,464 12 urban 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Solotvyn 3,867 19 urban 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Babche 2,484 17 rural 1
Bohrivka 860 8 rural 1
Dzvynyach 2,468 13 rural 1
Hlybivka 1,129 14 rural 1 Sadzhavka
Hlyboka 1,512 37 rural 1
Hrokholyna 3,077 36 rural 2
Hrabovets 1,325 22 rural 2 Bystrytsia of Nadvirna
Huta 1,064 15 rural 2 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Ivanykivka 2,345 19 rural 1
Khmelivka 709 16 rural 1
Kosmach 1,517 17 rural 1
Kryvets 1,817 15 rural 1
Krychka 1,795 17 rural 1
Lukvytsia 841 11 rural 1 Lukva
Manyava 3,538 44 rural 2
Markova 3.010 14 rural 1 Manyavka
Mizhhir'ya 652 88 rural 1 Lukva
Monastyrchany 1,548 30 rural 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Novochyn 1,812 53 rural 3 Novochynka
Pidhir'ya 2,529 33 rural 2 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Porohy 3,126 34 rural 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Pokhivka 497 10 rural 1
Rakovets 1,934 8 rural 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Rosilna 3,212 33 rural 1 Sadzhavka
Sadzhava 1,825 18 rural 1 Sadzhavka
Stari Bohorodchany 4,336 38 rural 2 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Starunia 3,239 22 rural 2 Lukavets
Yablunka 1,906 25 rural 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Zaberezhia 871 9 rural 1 Bystrytsia of Nadvirna
Zhuraky 1,903 18 rural 1 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn
Average 2,194 25 rural 1.28 Bystrytsia of Solotvyn


The government in the district is headed by the chairman of the district state administration (governor) appointed by the President of Ukraine. The governor appoints his deputies forming his regional governing cabinet to supervise the government policies in the region. Aside of the state administration the region has its own council that is headed by its chairman. The composition of the council depends on the popular vote in the region, while the chairman is elected within the elected council.

Regional State Administration

The District State Administration (BRDA) consists of the chairman, his deputies (3), and secretary who heads the supporting "aparat" of the administration. Within the administration are numerous departments, each of them headed by a chief of department. The Bohorodchany District State Administration has 13 departments and other government institutions such as the Children Service, regional state archives, and others.

Brief description of the chairman: born in Volyn Oblast in 1952, finished Lviv Agro-economical Institute in 1979, distinguished agronomy specialist, headed the district administration in 2003-05. In early 2010 Yefimchuk replaced on this post Liliya Kontsur (Our Ukraine).

District council
Seats and percentage
Svoboda (13)
Our Ukraine (11)
Front of Changes (8)
Fatherland (7)
Party of Regions (7)
Revival (7)
For Ukraine! (3)
RUKh (2)
Cathedral (1)
People's Party (1)
Ukrainian People's Party (1)
European Party (1)
  • Chairman: Mykhailo Holovchuk (Svoboda)

Brief description of the chairman: born in Nadvirna Raion in 1959, finished Kiev College of electronics in 1979, Afghanistan veteran, since 1984 worked within the district. In late 2010 Holovchuk changed on this post Volodymyr Tymchyshyn (Our Ukraine).


The districts infrastructure is poorly developed, however there are several highway routes passing through it.

Main Highways

Mass media[edit]

There is a district newspaper "Voice of People" (Slovo Narodu) and one radio station "Source" (Dzherelo).

Tourist attractions[edit]


There are five hotels in the district and one sanatorium located closer to mountains. The town of Bohorodchany only provides two hotels with only 24 rooms, however bigger hotels could be found in neighboring villages. The sanatorium "Synyohora Residence" is a state touristic-health improving complex located in a remote village of Huta. The distance to the closest rail terminal in Ivano-Frankivsk is from 13 to 60 km (8–35 miles).

Museum Fund
  • Historic-Regional Museum of Fedanyk (Solotvyn)
  • History Museum of the Forest Factory (Dzvynyach)
  • Museum of ethnography and traditions of the village (Sadzhava)
  • Museum of Nature (Manyava)
  • Historic-Architecture Museum (Manyava Monastery-Skete)
Government Protected areas
  • National Landmark of Architecture (1690) Monastery-Skete Complex, Manyava, Protection# 239 (included Over-gate Tower 239/1, Treasury 239/2, Defense Tower and walls 239/3, Refectory 239/4, Foundations of Zdvyzhenska Church 239/5)
  • National Landmark of Architecture (1832, wooden) Church of Nativity of Jesus, Pidhir'ya, Protection# 1141 (includes Church 1141/1 and its belfry 1141/2)
  • National Landmark of Archeology "Multi-layers Settlement Starunia-1" (Bronze Age, Neolithic)
  • National Landmark of Architecture (1762) Dominican Monastery Complex, Bohorodchany, Protection# 234 (included Kosciol 234/1, Chamber-cells of Clergy 234/2, Wall with a gate 234/3)
Local Landmarks

There are 15 archeological sites near the village of Starunia that identified as local Landmarks, three more sites are near the village of Hrabovets. There are also archeological landmarks near the villages of Horokholyna, Manyava, and Molodkiv.[2]

  • Local Landmark of Nature "Manyava waterfall"[3]
  • Botanic Reserve "Skete of Manyava"
  • Building of People's Court, 20th century (Bohorodchany) Protection# 606
  • Synagogue, 18th century (Solotvyn) Protection# 631
  • Church of Nativity of the Theotokos, 1904 wooden (Solotvyn) Protection# 632 and its belfry (Protection# 633)
  • Church of Saint Taxiarch Archangel Michael, 1805 wooden (Babche) Protection# 607
  • Church of Nativity of the Theotokos, 1810 wooden (Bohrivka) Protection# 608 and its belfry (Protection# 609)
  • Church of Saint Nicolas, 1875 wooden (Hlybivka) Protection# 610
  • Church of Resurrection of Christ, 1856 wooden (Hrabovets) Protection# 611
  • Church of Lord's Levitation, 1860 wooden (Hrynivka) Protection# 612
  • Church of Saint Demetrius, 1868 wooden (Kosmach) Protection# 614/1 and its belfry (Protection# 614/2)
  • Watermill, 19th century wooden (Kosmach) Protection# 615
  • Smith shop, 1896 wooden (Kosmach) Protection# 616
  • Church of Saint Taxiarch Archangel Michael, 1862 wooden (Kryvets) Protection# 619
  • Church of Saint Paraskevi of Serbia, 1820 wooden (Krychka) Protection# 617 and its belfry (Protection# 618)
  • Church of Saint Apostles Paul and Peter, 1862 wooden (Lesivka) Protection# 620
  • Church of Immaculate Conception of Virgin Mary, 1775 wooden (Lukvytsia) Protection# 521
  • Church of Protection of the Theotokos, 1819 wooden (Manyava) Protection# 622
  • Church of Saint John the Baptist, 1846 wooden (Markova) Protection# 623
  • Church of Saint Nicolas, 19th century wooden (Pidhir'ya) Protection# 624
  • Church of Saint Taxiarch Archangel Michael, 1848 wooden (Rosilna) Protection# 625 and its belfry (Protection# 626)
  • Mine well, 16th century (Rosilna) Protection# 627
  • Church of Saint Taxiarch Archangel Michael (at cemetery), 1776 wooden (Rosilna) Protection# 628
  • Church of Nativity of the Theotokos, 1863 wooden (Stari Bohorodchany) Protection# 629
  • Church of Resurrection of Christ, 1926 wooden (Stari Bohorodchany) Protection# 630


  • Mykhailo Petrushevych (1869–1895), a Ukrainian writer
  • Oleksiy Zaklynsky (1819–1881), a Ukrainian writer
  • Ivan Kapushchak (1807–1868), a deputy to the Austrian Imperial Parliament
  • Modest Sosenko (1875–1920), a Ukrainian artist
  • Mykhailo Yatskiv (1873–1961), a Ukrainian writer
  • Mykhailo Martynets, a minister of Land Affairs for the government of the West Ukrainian People's Republic
Writers who commemorated their work to the region
  • Antin Mohylnytsky (1811–1873), a Ukrainian poet, a Greek-Catholic priest
  • Yulian Tselvych (1843–1892), a Ukrainian historian and pedagogue


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