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View of river Kunhar between Meera Boi and Athyial Mzd taken from Thanda Nara.
View of river Kunhar between Meera Boi and Athyial Mzd taken from Thanda Nara.
Boi is located in Pakistan
Coordinates: 34°18′10″N 73°26′20″E / 34.30278°N 73.43889°E / 34.30278; 73.43889Coordinates: 34°18′10″N 73°26′20″E / 34.30278°N 73.43889°E / 34.30278; 73.43889
Country  Pakistan
Province  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad
Tehsil Abbottabad
 • MNA Dr Azhar Khan Jadoon
 • MPA Sardar Fareed Abbasi
 • Nazim Khalid Mehmood [1]
 • Naib Nazim Alamzeb Abbasi
Population (2017)[2]
 • Total 9,978
Time zone PST (UTC+5)

Boi (Urdu: بوئی‎) is one of the 51 union councils of Abbottabad District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[3] Boi is the word of local language Hindko & Boi means fragrance of roses.


The Union Council of Boi is located in the north west part of Abbottabad District and forms part of the district's eastern border with Kashmir (Muzaffarabad District). It is located at 34°18'10N 73°26'20E and has an average elevation of 853 metres (2801 feet).[4]


According to Captain Wace's Report of the Land Revenue Settlement of the Hazara district 1868-1874, the Boi tract was a cluster of 25 small hill villages, situated for the most part in the hills above the Kunhar river and was originally a part of the territory of the Bamba Chief of Muzaffarabad, Sultan Hussain Khan. Ousted from his Muzaffarabad territory in 1847 he thereafter resided at the village of Boi. He died in 1860, leaving his heir, Sultan Barkat Khan as Chief. Sultan Barkat khan was then succeeded by his son Sultan Hassan Ali Khan Sani, a great leader and witty ruler. Sultan was known for his justice and his people used to call him "Baba Sahib" (means; respectable). Sultan of Boe had two sons, Sultan Mohemmed Qayyum Khan and Kashif Khan (Ex Secretary Food KPK). Sultan Hassan Ali khan had a learned friend, an intellectual fellow and beloved son-in-law named Hussain Khan of Lawasi. Hussain Khan proved to be the most upright and disciplined person of the family. Hussain Khan of Lawasi has two sons Tanveer Hussain Khan of Palhotar and Naveed Hussain Khan (Ex Director Information Azad Kashmir). Coming to the rights of the tract, they were settled on the basis of the arrangement then found to be in force.The Boi villages are owned by small communities of cultivating proprietors of Abbasi (Sararra Abbasi living in Battangi and Tori, Dhund Abbasi), maliks, Awans, Karrals, Quraishis, Sardars, Sadats, Dhunds and other classes, excepting a few estates and lands which the chief has all along kept in his own possession and management.[5]


Boi Union Council is divided into the following areas:


  • Govt Degree College Boi, Abbottabad

With the efforts of District member Zaheer Abbasi from Dalola, Ali Asghar Khan, MPA Dr. Azhar Khan Jadoon, Mushtaq Ghani and all the participants from Kukmang, Boi and Dalola achieved this milestones. KP Govt announced the opening ceremony of Govt Degree College Boi Abbottabad in January 29, 2018. Classes for BS program will be start in Govt higher Secondary School Boi building temporarily in May 2018. Later Govt Degree college Boi building will be completed in seeri Boi which is proposed location and classes shifted to the new building.

  • Govt Higher Secondary School Boi
Govt. Higher Secondary School Boi is the only Higher Secondary school in union council Boi. Approximately more than 500 students are currently getting education from this institute. it is situated at Mashrang, Boi, Abbottabad.
  • Govt Maktab school Battangi Boi
  • Govt Middle School Tori sharif Boi
  • Govt primary school Tori sharif Boi
  • Govt primary school Dahni Boi
  • Govt Girls Middle School Seri Boi
  • Govt Girls Primary School Barbeen Boi
  • Govt Girls Primary School Dhani Boi
  • Govt high school sarhan boi
  • Govt primary school charriali
  • Govt primary school sambli dana Boi
  • Sir Syed Model Public School Barbien Boi Abbottabad
  • Iqra model Public School Barbien Boi Abbottabad.
  • Govt primary school DEEDAL
  • Govt primary school MUJAFFA
  • Govt primary school NAKKA
  • Govt primary school GALI MEERAN
  • Govt primary school MURI MERA
  • Govt primary school Pal
  • Govt primary school Bandi samand
  • Govt primary school Barbein
  • Govt primary school Sathal
  • Govt primary school Makreela
  • Govt primary school Rankot
  • Govt primary school Kot Sambli
  • Govt primary school Mantahar Sambli
  • Govt primary school Deri Seri
  • Govt primary school Sarhan
  • Govt primary school Bogran
  • Govt Girls primary school Bogran
  • Govt primary school Chak
  • Govt primary school Bandi Hamza
  • Govt primary boys school Hadora Bandi
  • Govt primary school Dawatta

° Govt primary girls schools Hadora bandi ◌ Govt primary school boys chora Hadora Bandi

Social Organization[edit]

  • Civil Hospital Boi, Abbottabad*
Civil Hospital Boi is the only Hospital in circle Bakot including 12 union councils.currently 3 doctors are working in this hospital.

Civil Hospital Boi is a public sector, non-profit tertiary level hospital located in Boi, Abbottabad, of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.Civil Hospital Boi is the only Hospital in circle Bakot including 12 union councils.currently 3 doctors are working in this hospital. Ultrasound and x rays facilities are currently available at hospital.There is around 20 members of staff working at ATH. Only 3 doctors are employed at the hospital, including senior doctor, trainee and house officer. Other staff members includes paramedics, nurses, and allied health professionals.Civil Hospital Boi is a 32-bed tertiary care public hospital.

‹› Civil hospital Serhan also reseently conctruted with the help of foreign funded.

  • National Bank of Pakistan, Boi Branch*
The Only Bank in Union Council Boi, situated at Main Boi Bazar.

The National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) is a major Pakistani commercial bank with headquarters in Karachi. Although state-owned it operates as commercial bank, while still continuing to act as trustee of public funds and as the agent to the State Bank of Pakistan in places where SBP does not have a presence.

The bank provides both commercial and public sector banking services.National Bank of Pakistan has developed a wide range of consumer products, to enhance business and cater to the different segments of society and meet its social responsibilities. Some schemes have been specifically designed for the low to middle income segments of the population. It has implemented special credit schemes like small finance for agriculture, business and industries, administrator to Qarz-e-Hasna loans to students, self-employment scheme for unemployed persons, public transport scheme. The Bank has expanded its range of products and services to include Shariah Compliant Islamic Banking products The Only Bank in Union Council Boi, situated at Main Boi Bazar.Currently online transactions of money and other banking facilities are available at the Branch.

  • Tameer Foundation*

Tameer foundation was established in 2011, with its core mandate working for betterment of Health, Education, Youth Development. This foundation was established by International humanitarian and social activist Naseer Ahmed Adam (Naser-Islamabad). In 2013 Tameer Foundation also started its social work in field of Tourism, Women development and Wildlife. Tameer foundation organized many workshops, Knowledge walks and Women home made items exhibition in Abbottabad.

  • Youth Organization Boi, Abbottabad*

Youth Organization Boi Abbottabad was established in 2013. It is non profit & nongovernmental organization working for social development and education. Particular areas of interest are health, education, political education, human rights, youth awareness and rural development. It consists of an independent educational community included as a self organized NGO which meets the interests and objectives of the community.

Tourism and Tourist Places[edit]

BOi is located at Bank of River Kunhar and well known as River Kunhar Valley. It is lush green, cold with lot of Fresh water springs, Water falls. Boi Katha is attracting tourist due to coolest place in Summer, it has many local water mils with their canals passing around the forest. Moreover, a very famous Highest mountain area name MARHES - Rankot is also a tourist spot. Besides of River Kunhar there are many cool and green and flowery med-owes attraction for tourists. (Naseer Ahmed- Social Activist- Islamabad)