Boigbeat, Victoria

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Boigbeat is located in Shire of Buloke
Coordinates 35°34′0″S 142°55′0″E / 35.56667°S 142.91667°E / -35.56667; 142.91667Coordinates: 35°34′0″S 142°55′0″E / 35.56667°S 142.91667°E / -35.56667; 142.91667
Postcode(s) 3531
Elevation 77 m (253 ft)
LGA(s) Shire of Buloke
Localities around Boigbeat:
Sea Lake Sea Lake Springfield
Banyan Boigbeat Springfield
Banyan Berriwillock Berriwillock

Boigbeat is a locality situated in The Mallee region. It is situated about 9 kilometres south east from Sea Lake and 11 kilometres north west from Berriwillock.

The place name Boigbeat is derived from the traditional Aboriginal word for the location which was Boigbeal with the word beal meaning "redgum" and referring to the only clump of gum trees for many miles.[2]

Boigbeat Post Office opened on 1 July 1898 and closed in 1970.[3]

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