Boiled Angel

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Boiled Angel
Publication information
PublisherMike Diana
FormatOngoing series
Creative team
Written byMike Diana, Paul Weinman, Gerard John Schaefer,[1] et al.
Artist(s)Mike Diana, Scott Cunningham, et al.

Boiled Angel was an early 1990s independent comic book created by Florida-based underground comic book artist Mike Diana. The comic contained graphic depictions of a variety of taboo and gory subject matters.[2][3] It effectively became the first comic book in the United States to cause its creator to be convicted for artistic obscenity.[4][5]

In a 1990 review, Mike Gunderloy of Factsheet Five called Boiled Angel "a prime candidate for banning in the 90s."[2] In 1993, a copy of Boiled Angel #8 (or "Ate") found its way into the hands of Florida Assistant State's Attorney Stuart Baggish. Diana was subsequently charged with several counts of obscenity and fought a long legal battle with the aid of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, which he eventually lost. He was sentenced to community service and three years of supervised probation.[4]

The comic was referenced in the Venetian Snares song, Boiled Angel, which sampled his drunk friend talking about the comic.[6]


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