Boiled Frogs

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"Boiled Frogs"
Boiled Frogs.JPEG
Single by Alexisonfire
from the album Crisis
Released November 2006
Format CD
Recorded February-March 2006
Genre Post-hardcore
Length 3:57
Label Distort Entertainment / Vagrant Records
Writer(s) Dallas Green, Jordan Hastings, Wade MacNeil, George Pettit, Chris Steele
Producer(s) Julius Butty and Alexisonfire
Alexisonfire singles chronology
This Could Be Anywhere in the World
Boiled Frogs
Rough Hands

"Boiled Frogs" is the fourth song and second single from Alexisonfire's third studio album, Crisis.

"It's an analogy," lead vocalist George Pettit begins. "I wrote it inspired by my father who worked at a job where he designed refrigerator parts for 26 years. He was coming up to his pension the last three years and I guess when people are coming up to their pension they really put the screws to them. They're up for review all the time, trying to get them to quit so that they forfeit their pension. It really makes it a stressful last three years. The song is kind of about that, about there being no loyalty in the workplace.

"And my mother went to this conference talking to different generations in the workplace and they referred to her generation as 'boiled frogs'. The analogy is that if you take a frog and put it in boiling water, it will jump right out immediately, but if you put it in cold water and then you slowly turn the heat up, they'll just eventually fall asleep and die. Same way with people in the workplace. If it's too hectic when they first get there, they'll just quit and get another job, but if you slowly up the workload, lower the pay, they're more likely to sit there and just boil." [1]

The boiled frog story is a common misconception that is often repeated in non-scientific contexts.

The video appeared on the MuchMusic Countdown in December 2006 and peaked at #10.


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