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Boilerplate may refer to:

  • Relatively thick, high-quality sheet steel used in the construction of a boiler
  • Boilerplate text, any text that is or can be reused in new contexts or applications without being changed much from the original
    • Boilerplate code, code that appears in different programs mostly unaltered due to conventions or syntactical requirements to form a minimal program
    • Boilerplate contract, standard form contract between two parties that does not allow for negotiation
    • Boilerplate clause, standard clauses of contractual terms which are included in many contracts
  • Boilerplate (robot), fictional combat robot of the Victorian era and early 20th century, created in 2000 by artist Paul Guinan
  • Boilerplate (spaceflight), non-functional craft, system, or payload which is used to test various configurations and basic size, load, and handling characteristics