Boiling Points

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Boiling Points
Written byJonathan Blitt
Ian Berger
Adam Abernathy
StarringJonathan Blitt
Narrated byMike Nelson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
Production location(s)New York City, New York, United States
Production company(s)Fractured Hip
Original networkMTV
Original releaseJanuary 5, 2004 –
January 1, 2005
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Boiling Points is a prank reality television show, much like the format used on Candid Camera. It was broadcast on MTV in the United States from 2004 to 2005. In each half-hour episode, annoying situations were set up and deliberately inflicted on one or more young adults who were unaware that they were being tested. Examples included poor or incompetent customer service in a store or restaurant, being accosted by a date's ex-love-interest while out together, and unprovoked rudeness from a total stranger.

While being watched via hidden camera, the subject of the show must refrain from displaying a temper or storming off for a predetermined length of time. If he or she passes, a prize of $100 cash is awarded to them on the spot.

Typically, the Boiling Point time on each segment is anywhere from 3 to 20 minutes. Most often, people lose because they use obscenities in their confusion and/or anger.

The cast included improvisers Alison Becker, Jonathan Blitt, Colton Dunn, Giselle Forte, Rebekka Johnson, Billy Merritt, Missy O'Reilly, Eric Wippo and Sauce.

Unusual occurrences[edit]

  • In a skit involving Blitt serving pizza slices intentionally flipped upside-down on to a plate, one mark responded to being told to pay again if she wanted a new slice by throwing both the drink and the pizza on to Blitt.
  • Johnson was playing a cashier at a supermarket who was irritating a customer by talking with a cellphone ear piece while scanning items for her. The customer lunged over the counter and attempted to snatch the ear piece.

Celebrity prankees[edit]

  • Now better known as Lady Gaga, a then unknown 19-year-old named Stefani Germanotta appeared as a contestant in 2005.[1]

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