Battle of Kosovo (film)

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Бој на Косову
Boj na Kosovu
Battle of Kosovo
Directed byZdravko Šotra
StarringMiloš Žutić, Gorica Popović, Vojislav Brajović, Žarko Laušević, Ljuba Tadić
Distributed byCentar film
Release date
Running time
117 minutes

Battle of Kosovo (Serbo-Croatian: Бој на Косову/Boj na Kosovu) is a 1989 Yugoslav historical drama/war film filmed in Serbia. The film was based on the drama written by poet Ljubomir Simović. It depicts the historical Battle of Kosovo between Medieval Serbia and the Ottoman Empire which took place on 15 June 1389 (according to the Julian calendar, 28 June 1389 by the Gregorian calendar) in a field about 5 kilometers northwest of Pristina.

Serbian Duke Lazar in 1389 refuses to obey the Turk Sultan Murat who intends on invading Serbia with an army in order to conquer Europe. Although aware that he is weaker, without enough men, Duke Lazar decides to fight him anyway. The Serbian Lords are not united. Most of them want to fight, even at the cost of defeat, but some of them do not. Everyone fit for battle is sent to Kosovo. The battle of Kosovo in 1389 ended with no winners - with both armies defeated and both Lazar and Murat dead. The Turks would proceed to invade Serbia but were hindered from taking over the rest of Europe.

The film was released in 1989, which marked the 600th anniversary of the Battle.


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