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Bojan Mohar is a Slovenian and Canadian mathematician, specializing in graph theory. He is a professor of mathematics at the University of Ljubljana[1] and the holder of a Canada Research Chair in graph theory at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[2]


Mohar received his Ph.D. from the University of Ljubljana in 1986, under the supervision of Tomo Pisanski.[3]


Mohar's research concerns topological graph theory, algebraic graph theory, graph minors, and graph coloring.[2]

With Carsten Thomassen he is the co-author of the book Graphs on Surfaces (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001).

Awards and honors[edit]

Mohar was a Fulbright visiting scholar at Ohio State University in 1988, and won the Boris Kidrič prize of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia in 1990.[4] He has been a member of the Slovenian Academy of Engineering since 1999.[4]


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