Bokar Tulku Rinpoche

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Bokar Rinpoche
Kyabje Bokar Rinpoche.JPG
Religion Tibetan Buddhism
School Karma Kagyu, Shangpa Kagyu
Other names Karma Shedrup Yongdu Pel Zangpo
Born 1940
Died August 17, 2004
Senior posting
Predecessor Karma Sherab Ösel
Successor Karma Palden Chökyi Gyaltsen Lodrö Chok Tamche Le Nampar Gyalway Lha
Religious career
Teacher The Second Kalu Rinpoche
Students The Third Kalu Rinpoche

Bokar Tulku Rinpoche (1940 – August 17, 2004) was heart-son of the Second Kalu Rinpoche and a holder of the Karma Kagyü and Shangpa Kagyü lineages.[1]

Rinpoche (Tibetan: རིན་པོ་ཆེ་Wylie: rin po che, IPA: [rinˈpotʃe]) is an honorific used in Tibetan Buddhism. It literally means "precious one".[2]


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Rinpoche literally means "Great (che) Jewel (rinpo). It is figuratively rendered as "Precious One."