Bola (volcano)

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Bola Volcano
Bola volcano above stetin bay.jpg
The Bola volcano rises above Stetin Bay in New Britain.
Highest point
Elevation1,116 m (3,661 ft)[1]
Coordinates5°09′S 150°02′E / 5.150°S 150.033°E / -5.150; 150.033Coordinates: 5°09′S 150°02′E / 5.150°S 150.033°E / -5.150; 150.033[1]
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionHolocene[1]

The Bola volcano, also known as Wangore, is an andesitic stratovolcano, located south-west of the Dakataua caldera.[1] It is 1,116 metres (3,661 ft) tall and has a 400 m (1,310 ft) wide summit crater.

The most recent lava flow was erupted from the summit crater and flowed to the west. This viscous flow is at least 50 m thick, thus leaving an irregularity in the profile of the volcano. The unforested summit crater and weak fumarolic activity suggests that the most recent eruption may have been only a few hundred years ago.[1]

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