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Bola Kampung
Bola Kampung title card.png
Title card, used in Season 1
Created byEdmund Chan, Raye Lee, ahLoong
Directed byahLoong
Creative directorCheong Siew Wai
Opening theme"Bola Kampung"
Country of originMalaysia
Original languages
No. of seasons5[a]
No. of episodes78 (list of episodes)
Running timeapprox. 22 minutes (per episode)
Production companyAnimasia Studio
Original networkTV2
Disney Channel
Picture format2D High End Flash
Original release2006 (2006) –
2010 (2010)
Followed byBola Kampung the Movie
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Bola Kampung (Robokicks in English;[1] international title: Football Kids) is a Malaysian animated television series, revolves around the kampung boys who are passionate in football.[2] The series, spanned with 5 seasons and 78 episodes, aired from 2006 to 2010 on TV2 and it is viewed in more than 16 countries including Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Turkey.


The story is set in a kampung named Gong Lechar in the Pohon Bambu district; this story revolves around a group of adolescents who have great passions towards football. However, they only play it for the sake of fun. Not until the principal Mr Doud and the newlywed appointed coach, Mr Abdul Rahman decided to form a football team representing their school in the inter school competition. Iwan leads the team in its struggles to become the best in the district. Alas, his dream is against by his father, Azman who doesn't want Iwan to suffer the same fate as him. Azman was once a national player who suffered a tragic fate that tarnished his football career. With the support of his friends, Azizul and Sabok, Iwan manage to steer aside the problems and emerges as the backbone of the team. With togetherness, the team strives to overcome challenges that come along the way in order to achieve their dreams.


  • Iwan (English Dub: Ivan) — Joyful and happy go lucky, Iwan's dream is to play for the national team. His idol is Zinedane Zidane. Iwan plays as the midfielder, and his passings are accurate and deadly. He also plays an important role in the team as the captain.
  • Fauzi (English Dub: Felix) — Knows Izan during the School Holidays. After that he played in the Pohon Meranti district while meeting Iwan again on the field. He is known as an architect on the field as he has a high skill level and a fine technique. He now plays as a midfielder just like Iwan.
  • Sabok (English Dub: Samuel) — A good friend of Iwan. He is a right-winger with a good control of the both on both feet. He is smart about creating opportunities in front of the goal while deflecting defenders. He is known as a "Pro" at free kicks.
  • Azizul (English Dub: Donovan) — His strength lies as a left-winger is his fast runs and accurate passes. His strong legs are a product of hard work helping his father on the paddy fields.
  • Kumar (English Dub: Kevin) — He is always worried about his skill level as a striker. His ever increasing stomach size makes his work harder. Thus, he has to work harder to achieve victory.
  • Santokh (English Dub: Sean) — A person with a strong ego and very competitive. He believes that he is the best and doesn't work well with others. Nonetheless, he has great talent as a striker and is feared by his opponents with his fast runs and dribbles
  • Szeto (English Dub: Simon) — His reputation as the best goalkeeper around is the product of his dedication to helping his father peel off coconuts everyday.
  • Ah Hock (English Dub: Albert) — Even though he's the best friend to Santokh, Ah Hock is a kind heart who's decisions are always influenced by Santokh. His skills as a striker are only average.
  • Amad and Amid (English Dub: Adam and Abel) — Twins who are in the team to defend together. They are very aggressive and have a strong fighting spirit. Their skills enable them to be among the best defenders around.
  • Nasha (English Dub: Nicole) — She is the daughter to the Tok Ketua (Village Leader) and is a good friend to Iwan. She is also interested in Football and believes that hard work always pays off.
  • Iskandar (English Dub: Marcus) — A player from Mahakarma in Season 1 and moved to Jayapati in Season 2. He likes to play the PSP console shown in Season 5. He has a rich cousin named Jalil. He is a striker.
  • Chin and Chun (English Dub: Chad and Clay) — Twins with two different positions in the team. Chin is a defender while Chun is a goalkeeper.


Season 1 (2006)[edit]

Episode no. Title Original airdate
11"Mulanya Di Sini"2006 (2006)
22"Kesedaran"2006 (2006)
33"Permulaan Segala"2006 (2006)
44"Bermula Pertarungan"2006 (2006)
55"Penamat Ditunggu"2006 (2006)
66"Latihan Bermula"2006 (2006)
77"Ujian Mendatang"2006 (2006)
88"Tingkat Cabaran"2006 (2006)
99"Ujian Getir"2006 (2006)
1010"Krisis Meruncing"2006 (2006)
1111"Selangkah Kejayaan"2006 (2006)
1212"Akhir Penantian"2006 (2006)
1313"Penentuan Juara"2006 (2006)

Season 2 (2007)[edit]

Episode no. Title Original airdate
141"Bertemu Rakan Baru"2007 (2007)
152"Permulaan Cerita"2007 (2007)
163"Berusahalah!"2007 (2007)
174"Rungkaian Persahabatan"2007 (2007)
185"Krisis Meruncing I"2007 (2007)
196"Krisis Meruncing II"2007 (2007)
207"Kepulangan"2007 (2007)
218"Bersatu Semula"2007 (2007)
229"Kalah Jadi Abu, Menang Jadi Arang"2007 (2007)
2310"Rintangan Tertinggi"2007 (2007)
2411"Lawan Yang Hebat"2007 (2007)
2512"Akhiran Permulaan I"2007 (2007)
2613"Akhiran Permulaan II"2007 (2007)

Season 3 (2008)[edit]

Episode no. Title Original airdate
271"Musim Santai"2008 (2008)
282"Kecewa Terubat"2008 (2008)
293"Telatah Berbeza"2008 (2008)
304"Perkelahian Membara"2008 (2008)
315"Pemergian Mengejut"2008 (2008)
326"Muhasabah Kendiri"2008 (2008)
337"Hati Terguris"2008 (2008)
348"Robeknya Semangat"2008 (2008)
359"Bulan Sejarah"2008 (2008)
3610"Kuala Lumpur, Kami Sampai!"2008 (2008)
3711"Amukan Semangat"2008 (2008)
3812"Merdeka Si Juara I"2008 (2008)
3913"Merdeka Si Juara II"2008 (2008)

Season 4 (2009)[edit]

Episode no. Title Original airdate
401"Perubahan Ego"2009 (2009)
412"Krisis Lagi!"2009 (2009)
423"Kesedaran"2009 (2009)
434"Memori Abang"2009 (2009)
445"Pengalaman Lawatan"2009 (2009)
456"Kawan Internet I"2009 (2009)
467"Kawan Internet II"2009 (2009)
478"Gajet Rembatan"2009 (2009)
489"Perpisahan"2009 (2009)
4910"Percaya Kendiri"2009 (2009)
5011"Jurulatih Ganti"2009 (2009)
5112"Pemain Simpanan"2009 (2009)
5213"Pemain Terkuat"2009 (2009)

Season 5 (2010)[edit]

Notes: Season 5 contains 26 episodes for Malaysian release. 13 later episodes in fifth season was included in Bola Kampung X.

Episode no. Title Original airdate
531"Kejutan"2010 (2010)
542"Permulaan Yang Mendebarkan"2010 (2010)
553"Kekecohan Si Tompok"2010 (2010)
564"Rintangan Berganda"2010 (2010)
575"Kembali Mengganas"2010 (2010)
586"Kawan Jangan Lawan I"2010 (2010)
597"Kawan Jangan Lawan II"2010 (2010)
608"Gasing dan Gajet"2010 (2010)
619"Dilanda Penyakit"2010 (2010)
6210"Rahsia Mata"2010 (2010)
6311"Pencabar Misteri"2010 (2010)
6412"Arkitek Perlawanan Terunggul"2010 (2010)
6513"Penentuan Terakhir"2010 (2010)
6614"Pelawat Dari Angkasa Lepas"2010 (2010)
6715"Pencarian Ahli Pasukan Bermula"2010 (2010)
6816"Ancaman Strawberi"2010 (2010)
6917"Sesat"2010 (2010)
7018"Kekecohan Di Pantai"2010 (2010)
7119"Rentak Tarian Tersendiri"2010 (2010)
7220"Misteri Rumah Berhantu"2010 (2010)
7321"Ilusi Silap Mata"2010 (2010)
7422"Semangat Persahabatan"2010 (2010)
7523"Rembatan Perkasa Helang"2010 (2010)
7624"Kekebalan Dinding Terakhir"2010 (2010)
7725"Sabotaj"2010 (2010)
7826"Kebenaran"2010 (2010)

International broadcasts[edit]

Country Channel
Southeast Asia Disney Channel Asia
Cartoon Network (Southeast Asia)
 India Pogo
Hungama TV
 Hong Kong ATV World
ATV 本港台
 Thailand Boomerang
 Paraguay SNT 9
 Portugal RTP Internacional
 Mozambique STV
 Guatemala Guatevisión (Soon)
 Brazil RBTV (Soon)
 Israel KidZ channel

Film adaptations[edit]

A film based on the series, Bola Kampung the Movie was released in March 2013.[3]


  1. ^ For Malaysian release, Bola Kampung has five seasons and 78 episodes as Season 5 contains 26 episodes. Starting from episode 14 from Season 5, a new theme music and series introduction was used. It is rebranded as Bola Kampung X for international release with 13 episodes, which actually from fifth season.


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