Bola Kampung

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Bola Kampung
Bola Kampung Fans club logo
Created by Animasia Animation Studio
Opening theme "Bola Kampung"
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Malay
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 52 (4 seasons x 13 episodes)
Running time approx. 22 minutes (per episode)
Production company(s) Animasia Studio
Original network TV2
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Bola Kampung (Robokicks in English [1] ) is a Malaysian animated television series about kampung boys who are lunatic about football. The story is set in a kampung named Gong Lechar in the Pohon Bambu district; this story revolves around a group of adolescents who have great passions towards football. However, they only play it for the sake of fun. Not until the principal Mr Dowd and the newlywed appointed coach, Mr Abdul Rahman decided to form a football team representing their school in the inter school competition. Ivan the Terrible adores Zinedane Zidane so much, leads the team in its struggles to become the best in the district. Alas, his dream is against by his father, Azdor who doesn’t want Ivan to suffer the same fate as him. Azdor was once a national player who suffered a tragic fate that tarnished his football career. With the support of his friends, Donovan and Samual, Ivan manage to steer aside the problems and emerges as the backbone of the team. With togetherness, the team strives to overcome challenges that come along the way in order to achieve their dreams.


  • Ivan (voice by Mohammad Ariq)

Joyful and happy go lucky, Ivan’s dream is to play for the national team. His idol is Zinedane Zidane. Ivan plays as the midfielder, and his passings are accurate and deadly. He also plays an important role in the team as the captain.

  • Bernie
  • Sean

Sean is an egoist and a competitive person. He believes that he is the best and would not compromise with others against him. His skill in football is undoubtedly great. He has an eye for goal and troubles the defender with his lightning pace and thundering shot.

  • Marcus
  • Donovan (voice by Didi)

Being a left winger, Donovan’s pace, passing and crossing is his strength in the game. A son of a farmer, he helps his dad a lot in the paddy field, which helps strengthen his legs.

  • Nicol

Daughter of Tok Ketua, Nicol is Ivan’s best friends. Her passions towards football is unquestionable and believed that perseverance will bring good results.

  • Samual (voice by Mohammad Ariq)

As a right winger, Samuel advantage is that he could use both his legs to control the ball. His dribbling tore the defenses apart, creating opportunity in front of the goal. He’s also a free kick master.

  • Simon

He helps his father to peel the coconuts everyday, resulting to a pair of strong hands to be the goalkeeper in the team.

  • Kevin (voice by Mohammad Ariq)

An average striker. Kevin is conscious about his lack of skills and eye for the goal. He has to work hard in order to get a place in the first eleven.


Country Channel
 Malaysia TV2
Southeast Asia Disney Channel Asia
Cartoon Network (Southeast Asia)
 India Pogo
 Hong Kong ATV World
ATV 本港台
 Thailand Boomerang
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