Bolbol Hayran

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Bolbol Hayran
Bolbol hayran.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Khalid Mar'iee
Produced by Mohamed Abdel Ghany
Written by Khalid Diab
Starring Ahmed Helmy
Shery Adel
Emy Samir Ghanem
Music by Hisham Nazeeh
Cinematography Ahmed Youssef
Distributed by Brothers United for Cinema
Release date
  • November 18, 2010 (2010-11-18)
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Bolbol Hayran (Arabic: بلبل حيران ‎‎ ; English: A Bewildered Lovebird ) is a 2010 Egyptian film.


Bolbol wakes up in a full-body cast after a mysterious accident shattered every last bone in his body. He’s lying in a hospital bed, where he’ll probably spend the next few weeks, and with him is Dr. Amal, a dedicated physician taking care of his needs. Bolbol warms up to the perky doctor and shares with her his story with her in painstaking detail.

As the owner of a small ad agency, he first meets Yasmin, a harmonica playing member of a rock band. At first Bolbol is smitten by her carefree attitude and lack of jealousy until the novelty wears off. Just as his fondness turns into frustration towards Yasmin, in walks Hala, a helpless girl who is in many ways the polar opposite of Yasmin.

Bolbol spends more and more time with Hala, ultimately falling for her, but at the same time he can’t shake off his love for Yasmin. Both women seem to have something that Bolbol desires, and our poor hero is torn between the two. And therein lies his predicament: should Bolbol go for the independent, self-empowered though occasionally cold Yasmin? Or is the submissive and helpless Hala a better fit for his traditionalist values, even though she can be very overbearing?


  • Ahmed Helmy as Bolbol
  • Zeina as Yasmin
  • Shery Adel as Hala
  • Emy Samir Ghanem as Dr. Amal


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