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Boldly Going Nowhere was a proposed American television show for Fox. Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, and Charlie Day, the producers and stars of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, created the show along with their Always Sunny writers' assistant Adam Stein.[1] While they did not plan to star in the show, they were the executive producers.[2]


The show was going to be a mix of comedy and sci-fi about the day-to-day life of the captain of an intergalactic spaceship.


Currently, the executive producers are doing their work on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia before working on Boldly Going Nowhere. A pilot episode was shot in October 2008, and Fox ordered five additional episodes.[3] However, the pilot is being rewritten and refilmed to include more science fiction elements.[4] The original idea for the show came from an It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia writer's assistant, Adam Stein. He will share a created-by credit, although McElhenney, Howerton, and Day will do much of the writing.[citation needed]


As of October 23, 2008, Ben Koldyke was cast to play the rogue captain Ron Teague while former Arrested Development actor Tony Hale was cast as the captain's android companion.[5] Sunny recurring actor David Hornsby was cast as the captain's right-hand man [6] and another recurring actress Artemis Pebdani was to have played Startemis, the alien communications officer.[7] The Wire veteran Chad Coleman also confirmed that he had a role in the pilot.[8]


On May 15, 2011, Howerton posted on his Twitter account that the show had been shelved for now.[9]

On October 16, 2013, McElhenney confirmed in a Reddit AMA that they are once again working on the show.[10]


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