Bolesław Pylak

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His Excellecy
Bolesław Pylak
Archbishop emeritus of the Lublin
Arcybiskup Bolesław Pylak.jpg
Archbishop Pylak
Church Roman Catholic Church
See Archdiocese of Lublin
In office 1975 - 1997
Predecessor Piotr Kałwa
Successor Józef Mirosław Życiński
Ordination June 29, 1948
by Stefan Wyszyński
Consecration Maj 29, 1966
by Piotr Kałwa
Personal details
Born (1921-08-20) August 20, 1921 (age 92)
Łopiennik Górny, Poland Flag of Poland.svg

Bolesław Pylak (born August 20, 1921) is a Polish prelate of the Roman Catholic Church. He is currently the oldest living Roman Catholic bishop in Poland. Pylak was born in Łopiennik Górny, Poland and was ordained a priest on June 29, 1948 from Archdiocese of Lublin. Pylak was appointed Auxiliary bishop of the Lublin diocese as well as Titular bishop of Midica on March 14, 1966 and ordained a bishop on May 29, 1966. Pylak appointed archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lublin on June 27, 1975 and would serve until his retirement on June 14, 1997.

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