Boli (plantain)

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Boli roasting in Nigeria

Bole is a roasted plantain dish in Nigeria. It is native to the Yoruba people of Nigeria.[1][2][3] It is referred to as 'boli' in South West Nigeria these people are known as the Yoruba people and is eaten with groundnuts.[4][5] The Yorubas have been enjoying this delicacy for ages, it can be consumed as a snack or main meal which can be accompanied with pepper sauce filled with meat, roasted fish or fried chicken especially during the festive period.[6] The word 'boli' is being pronounced as 'bole' due to a difference in accent in the south-south region in Nigeria. In South South Nigeria, it is referred to as 'bole' a borrowed language from the southwestern people in Nigeria and is eaten with fish during an important festival.[7][8]


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