Bolivians in Brazil

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Bolivians in Brazil
Total population
(about 100,000[1])
Regions with significant populations


Mainly Southeastern Brazil
Center-Western Brazil  · border regions and some metropolises along Northern Brazil
Spanish  · Portuguese
Minority: Guaraní  · Aymará  · possibly other Amerindian languages as Quechua
Mostly Roman Catholicism
[Folk religion]]s.
Related ethnic groups
other Brazilian, Hispanic and Hispanophone people

Bolivians in Brazil are individuals of full, partial, or predominantly Bolivian ancestry, or a Bolivian-born person residing in Brazil. The governments of Bolivia and Brazil have begun to develop an agreement to regularize the situation of several thousand undocumented Bolivian immigrants in Brazil. [2] According to estimates by the Ministry's of Latin American immigrants and the National Association of Immigrants from Brazil more than 200,000 Bolivians are working illegally in São Paulo.[3][4]

Bolivians living in Brazil are the fifth largest immigrant group, behind only of the Americans, Japanese, Paraguayans, and the Portuguese.[5][6]

Notable Bolivian Brazilians[edit]