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General elections were held in Bolivia on 3 July 1966.[1] René Barrientos of the Front of the Bolivian Revolution (FRB) was elected President with 67% of the vote,[2] whilst the FRB won a majority in both houses of Congress.


Following the 1964 elections, Barrientos had led a military coup to remove Víctor Paz Estenssoro from power.


Several alliances were formed for the elections:[3]

Alliance Parties
Christian Democratic Community Bolivian Socialist Falange
Democratic Revolutionary Alliance
National Association of Democratic Professions
Democratic Institutionalist Alliance Liberal Party
Republican Socialist Unity Party
Front of the Bolivian Revolution Authentic Revolutionary Party
Popular Christian Movement
Social Democratic Party
Revolutionary Left Party
Liberation Front of the National Left Communist Party and others


Party Presidential candidate Votes % Seats
Chamber Senate
Front of the Bolivian Revolution René Barrientos 680,532 67.2 82 18
Christian Democratic Community Bernardino Bilbao Rioja 138,054 13.6 19 8
Revolutionary Nationalist Movement–Andrade Víctor Andrade 88,099 8.7 0 0
Nationalist Revolutionary Movement of the People Mario Díez de Medina 61,309 6.0 1 1
Liberation Front of the National Left Felipe Iñíguez 33,054 3.2 0 0
Democratic Institutionalist Alliance Enrique Hertzog 11,400 1.1 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 90,503
Total 1,099,994 100 102 27
Registered voters/turnout 1,270,611 86.6
Source: Nohlen

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