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The Bollywood Movie Awards was an annual film award ceremony held between 1999 and 2007 in Long Island, New York, United States, celebrating films and actors from the Bollywood film industry based in Mumbai, India.


The predecessor to the award ceremony was introduced in 1992 by Kamal Dandona, the head of The Bollywood Group and was originally titled, "Nataraj Awards." It was renamed and relaunched as Bollywood Movie Awards in 1999.[1] Michael Jackson won a Humanitarian Award in 1999, Richard Gere a Man of Conscience award, and Sharon Stone an award connected to her work with AIDS.[1] During the 2007 ceremonies, Danny Glover received an award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Entertainment and Mira Nair for Pride of India Award.[2] Phylicia Rashad and Donald Trump also made appearances.[1] These awards are given to those well deserving due to their excellent skills of acting and those who know the craft. They are applaudedon several occasions including those of IIFA and Filmfare awards.[3]


Fans of Bollywood films nominated their favorite stars for each respective award category on the Bollywood Group's official website. They appreciate the work of Indian film stars and on annual polls for awards they vote for their favourite candidates. the chosen candidate then picks up the award at the ceremony.


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