Bolnisi Sioni

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Bolnisi Sioni
ბოლნისის სიონი
Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral
Bolnisi Sioni is located in Georgia (country)
Bolnisi Sioni
Shown within Georgia (country)
Basic information
Location Bolnisi, Kvemo Kartli Province (Mkhare), Georgia
Geographic coordinates 41°23′20″N 44°30′45″E / 41.388889°N 44.5125°E / 41.388889; 44.5125Coordinates: 41°23′20″N 44°30′45″E / 41.388889°N 44.5125°E / 41.388889; 44.5125
Affiliation Georgian Orthodox Church
Country Georgia
Architectural description
Architectural style Georgian
Completed 478–493

Bolnisi Sioni (Georgian: ბოლნისის სიონი) or Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox basilica in the Bolnisi village of Bolnisi District, Georgia. The cathedral was built in 478–493. It is the oldest extant church building in Georgia.[1]

Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral is known for its Georgian Bolnisi inscriptions. These are one of the oldest historical documents of the Georgian alphabet.


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