Bolo (Breakout clone)

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Publisher(s) Application Systems Heidelberg Software
Programmer(s) Meinolf Schneider
Platform(s) Atari ST
Release date(s) DE 1987
Genre(s) Breakout
Mode(s) Single-player

Bolo is a computer game for the Atari ST using the high resolution monochrome monitor. The game is considered a Breakout clone. An Apple II tank game and a 1987 tank game for the BBC Micro and Macintosh computers are also titled Bolo, but are unrelated.

Bolo builds on the concept of Breakout, introducing numerous additions such as gravity, exploding bricks, and tunnelling to make the game more interesting and challenging. Written in the late 1980s by Meinolf Schneider, better remembered for his Oxyd games, Bolo was quite popular with Atari ST users at least in Germany at the time. It was later ported to DOS/Windows.

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