Bolo Raam

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Bolo Raam
Bolo Raam.jpg
Directed by Rakesh Chaturvedi
Produced by Goldy Bhutani[1]
Written by Ameer Sultan
Starring Rishi Bhutani
Disha Pandey
Padmini Kolhapure
Prashant Tomar
Music by Songs:
Sachin Gupta
Background Score:
Sanjoy Chowdhury
Cinematography April A. Xavier
Edited by Aseem Sinha
Distributed by Shree Keshav Films
Release date
  • 31 December 2009 (2009-12-31)
Country India
Language Hindi

Bolo Raam is a 2009 Bollywood film directed by Rakesh Chaturvedi, released on 31 December 2009. This film is a remake of the Tamil film Raam, released in 2005.


Bolo Raam follows the story of Raam (Rishi Bhutani), an angry young man obsessed with his mother (Padmini Kohlapure). Raam is accused of her murder, leading to an investigation during which Raam chooses to remain silent.

During this whole time the investigation continues and Inspector Indrajeet Singh (Om Puri) comes to know that Raam had the tendency to right wrongs and is very serious about this. His mother was influenced by others to send him to a hostel but at the last minute she changed her decision seeing that her son could hurt someone there. During this time it is also revealed that his mother had run away from her house and married Raam's father, who left her before his birth. Juhi Khan (Disha Pandey), daughter of sub-inspector Sajid Khan (Govind Namdev), falls in love with Raam and one night when she sneaks into his house, she finds him asleep. She gives him a kiss and is about to leave immediately when her father finds her and beats her. Raam's mother tries to stop him but Khan accuses her of being characterless. He then tries to arrest Raam under a false charge but his Juhi promises that she will never meet Raam again ever. It is found that Raam's mother was a woman of character and Raam was only aggressive some times not unstable. This time a psychiatrist, Dr. Negi (Naseeruddin Shah) finds that Raam is unstable as he can not believe his mother is dead. In between this scenario Raam also tries to runaway from jail once and is found near his mother's body claiming that his mother is asleep.

The day when Raam is about to be taken to court, Inspector Khan's son, Sameer, comes to Raam and tells him to accept his crime, during his visit Raam gets the hold of his sleeve button. Raam finally realizes that his mother is dead and that Sameer is the killer. He runs away from prison to avenge his mother. He reaches Khan's house and starts beating Sameer but Khan and Singh also reach there and get to know the truth. Sameer was under influence of a Maulana who ran a terrorist group. He gave Sameer a book about terrorism, asking him to be careful. Raam's mother sees this and threatens him of telling his father, so he kills her. Sameer then grasps Inspector's pistol and shoots him along with his father. Raam beats him and kills him in the end.



Taran Adarsh called it a "compelling flick" but complained the final mystery's resolution was sloppy and didn't follow its lead-up.[2] Sonia Chopra gave it half a star out of five.[3]


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