Bologna (Rome Metro)

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Coordinates41°54′48″N 12°31′14″E / 41.91333°N 12.52056°E / 41.91333; 12.52056Coordinates: 41°54′48″N 12°31′14″E / 41.91333°N 12.52056°E / 41.91333; 12.52056
Owned byATAC
Structure typeUnderground
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toward Laurentina
Line B
toward Jonio
toward Rebibbia

Bologna is a station on Line B of the Rome Metro. It is an underground station located under Piazza Bologna (at the intersection of Viale XXI Aprile, Via Livorno, Via Michele di Lando, Via Lorenzo il Magnifico, Viale delle Province, Via Sambucuccio d'Alando, Via Ravenna). It was opened in December 1990. Its atrium houses mosaics from the Artemetro Roma prize, by Giuseppe Uncini and Vittorio Matino (Italy), Karl Gerstner (Switzerland) and Ulrich Erben (Germany). It was involved in the October 2005 building works for line B1, a branch line off line B.


Routes (terminate here): 309, 445;
Routes: 61, 62, 310, 542 workdays and holidays;
Nearby routes (via Catania direction): 490, 495, 649;
Night buses: n2, n2L, n13.



The station has:

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