Bologna metropolitan railway service

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Bologna metropolitan railway service
Portomaggiore - stazione ferroviaria - ETR.350.jpg
Locale Bologna, Italy
Transit type Commuter rail
Number of lines 8 foreseen
Number of stations 87 foreseen
Operation will start 2015 (2015)?
Operator(s) Trenitalia, TPER
System map

Mappa SFM Bologna.svg

The Bologna metropolitan railway service will be a commuter railway service around the Italian city of Bologna. It is currently under construction.


Launched in 1995 with two suburban lines attested in the Bologna Centrale Railway Station,[1] with the agreement of the program of 2007 is expected activation of more straight lines with a regular timetable for 2012, but due to delays in the full activation Bologna Central station AV completion buoyancy base is postponed to 2015.[2] in June 2013 have been completed on 90% of the infrastructure works and are active 70% of the services provided positioned in the base.[3]


The following 8 lines are foreseen:

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