Bolsena Lacus

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Bolsena Lacus
PIA10008 Bolsena Lacus.jpg
False-color Cassini synthetic aperture radar image of hydrocarbon lakes on Titan. Bolsena Lacus is at center, with Sotonera Lacus to its upper right.
Feature typeLacus
Coordinates75°48′N 10°18′W / 75.8°N 10.3°W / 75.8; -10.3Coordinates: 75°48′N 10°18′W / 75.8°N 10.3°W / 75.8; -10.3
Diameter101 km[note 1]
EponymLake Bolsena

Bolsena Lacus is one of a number of hydrocarbon lakes found on Saturn's largest moon, Titan.[1][2]

Bolsena Lacus is located near the north pole of Titan, centered on latitude 75.75°N and longitude 10.28°W, and measures 101 km in length.[2][note 1] It is situated in a north polar region where the majority of Titan's large lakes are found.

The lake is composed of liquid methane and ethane,[3] and was detected by the Cassini space probe. It was named in 2007 after Lake Bolsena in Italy.[2]


  1. ^ a b The USGS web site gives the size as a "diameter", but it is actually the length in the longest dimension.


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