Bolshoy Begichev Island

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Bolshoy Begichev
Native name: Большой Бегичев
Kara sea2BB.PNG
Location of Maliy Begichev and Bolshoy Begichev islands in the Khatanga Gulf
Bolshoy Begichev is located in Russia
Bolshoy Begichev
Bolshoy Begichev
Bolshoy Begichev Island (Russia)
Location Laptev Sea
Coordinates 74°32′00″N 112°02′00″E / 74.533333°N 112.033333°E / 74.533333; 112.033333
Area 1,764 km2 (681 sq mi)
Republic Sakha Republic
Population uninhabited

Bolshoy Begichev (Russian: Большой Бегичев) is an island in the Laptev Sea, Russia.


The area of the island is 1764 km². Bolshoy Begichev is located within the Khatanga Gulf (Russian: Хатангский залив), splitting the gulf into two straits.

Adjacent Islands[edit]

Maliy Begichev[edit]

Only 8.5 km west of Bolshoy Begichev lies the much smaller island known as Maliy Begichev Island. Its size is only 15 km sq. The border between administrative divisions of the Russian Federation runs between the two Begichev islands, so that while Maliy Begichev is in Krasnoyarsk Krai, Bolshoy Begichev is in the Sakha republic. Both Bolshoy Begichev and Maliy Begichev are named after Russian polar explorer Nikifor Begichev.


North of Bolshoy Begichev lies small Preobrazheniya Island. This elongated granitic island was useful as a landmark for ships plying the Northern Sea Route in the past.[1]

Paska Cape, Bolshoy Begichev Island


A NAVTEX Coast Station used to be situated on the island at 74°32’.00 N, 112°02’.00 E.[2] However, according to the current NAVTEX list the station is no longer listed.[3]


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