Bolshoy Irgiz River

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Bolshoy Irgiz River
Country Russia
Basin features
Main source Samara Oblast and Saratov Oblast, Russia
River mouth Volgograd Reservoir, Volga near Balakovo
Basin size 24,000 km2 (9,300 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 675 km (419 mi)

The Bolshoy Irgiz (Russian: Большой Ирги́з, literally Great Irgiz) or Irgiz (Ирги́з) is a river in Samara and Saratov Oblast, Russia, the left tributary of the Volga River, south of the Samara River. It is 675 km (419 mi) long and the area of its drainage basin is 24,000 km2 (9,266 sq mi). It headwaters are at the Obshchy Syrt adjoining the Ural River basin. It flows west and joins the Volga south of Samara. Irgiz's meandering riverbed passes the steppes. The river has snow feeding. The town of Pugachyov is located along the Irgiz. The river flows to the Volgograd Reservoir of the Volga downstream Balakovo, near Volsk.

Coordinates: 51°59′07″N 47°31′01″E / 51.98528°N 47.51694°E / 51.98528; 47.51694