Bolstadøyri Station

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Bolstadøyri stasjon 2.jpeg
Station (1892)
Location Bolstadøyri, Voss
Coordinates 60°38′16″N 5°57′29″E / 60.637796°N 5.958024°E / 60.637796; 5.958024Coordinates: 60°38′16″N 5°57′29″E / 60.637796°N 5.958024°E / 60.637796; 5.958024
Operated by Norges Statsbaner
Line(s) Bergensbanen
Distance 414.13 km
Platforms 2
Opened 1883

Bolstadøyri Station (Norwegian: Bolstadøyri stasjon) is located on Bergensbanen railway line located in the village of Bolstadøyri in the municipality of Voss, in Hordaland county, Norway. The station is served by twelve daily departures per direction by the Bergen Commuter Rail operated by Norges Statsbaner. The station opened in 1883 as part of Vossebanen.

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A train entering the station, 1892
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Dale Bergensbanen Jørnevik
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