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Bolton Civic Centre, containing Bolton Museum.

Bolton Museum is a public museum and art gallery in the town of Bolton, Greater Manchester, northern England, owned by Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.[1]

The collections include natural history, archaeology, art, local history and one of Britain's oldest public aquariums. These are housed, together with Bolton Central Library, in one end of the Bolton Civic Centre, designed by, local architects, Bradshaw Gass & Hope and opened in 1939. The museum has two outlying locations, Smithills Hall and Hall i' th' Wood.

The collections include material from many private collectors, including geological specimens from the estate of Caroline Birley.[2]

In 2006, the museum became involved in the Shaun Greenhalgh case, when a statue in their collection, the Amarna Princess, was revealed as a forgery.[3]

The Bolton Lives gallery presents the story of Bolton and its people.[4]

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