Boltzmann (crater)

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Normal Boltzmann Clementine LTVT.jpg
Clementine mosaic
Coordinates 74°54′S 90°42′W / 74.9°S 90.7°W / -74.9; -90.7Coordinates: 74°54′S 90°42′W / 74.9°S 90.7°W / -74.9; -90.7
Diameter 76 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 95° at sunrise
Eponym Ludwig Boltzmann

Boltzmann is an old lunar impact crater that is located along the southern limb of the Moon, in the vicinity of the south pole. At this location the crater is viewed from the side from Earth, and so not much detail can be seen. It is located to the north of the walled plain Drygalski, and to the west of the crater Le Gentil.

This formation has become eroded by many tiny impacts, leaving the features rounded and worn. Little of the original rim still stands above the surrounding terrain, leaving only a depression in the surface. The interior is relatively flat, with a rougher surface in the eastern half. There are several tiny craterlets on the crater interior, including a pair near the southwest inner wall and a small, bowl-shaped crater close to the eastern rim. Offset slightly to the northeast of the midpoint of the floor is a low central peak, now little more than a rounded hill.[citation needed]

To the southeast of the crater rim is an arcing catena formation of tiny craterlets that joins the rim of Boltzmann to the northern rim of Drygalski.