Bolu kukus

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Bolu kukus
Kue bolu kukus Pasar Bulu Semarang.JPG
Bolu kukus being sold in traditional market
TypeKue bolu, cupcake, kue
CourseSnack, dessert
Place of originIndonesia and Malaysia
Region or stateNationwide
Serving temperatureroom temperature
Main ingredientsWheat flour

Bolu kukus (lit. steamed tart) is an Indonesian and Malaysian traditional snack of steamed sponge cupcake.[1][2] The term "bolu kukus" however, usually refer to a type of kue mangkuk that mainly only uses wheat flour (without any rice flour and tapioca) with sugar, eggs, milk, soda, and also using common vanilla, chocolate, pandan or strawberry flavouring, acquired from food flavouring essence.[2] The cake uses beaten eggs and soda as emulsifier, the type of soda being lemon sparkling water,[1] usually Sprite.[2]

Bolu kukus is considered as a type of kue bolu, which encompasses variety of sponge cakes, cupcakes and tarts. The term bolu is derived from Portuguese bolo to describe sponge cake. Thus the texture is soft and fluffy just like tart or chiffon cake. As the name imply, bolu kukus is a steamed tart instead of commonly baked cupcakes, and usually the bolu kukus base is covered with corrugated paper container, just like common cupcakes.

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