Bolueta (Metro Bilbao)

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Símbolo del Metro de Bilbao negativo.svg Bolueta
Metro Bilbao Bolueta Station Trains.jpg
Two metro units at Bolueta
LocationCamino Ibarsusi, 2A
48004 Bilbao
Coordinates43°14′49″N 2°54′21″W / 43.2470°N 2.9058°W / 43.2470; -2.9058Coordinates: 43°14′49″N 2°54′21″W / 43.2470°N 2.9058°W / 43.2470; -2.9058
Owned byEuskal Tranbide Sarea (ETS)
Line(s)Metro de Bilbao L1.svg Metro de Bilbao L2.svg
Platforms2 side platforms
Structure typeElevated station
Platform levels1
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Fare zone  Zone 1  
Opened5 July, 1997

Bolueta is a station of line 1 and line 2 of Metro Bilbao. The station is located in the neighbourhood of the same name, in the district of Begoña. It opened in 1997.

Until 2019 it was a connecting station, also serving the regional services of Euskotren Trena coming from Durango, Bermeo and Donostia. These lines were diverted towards Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo station starting in 2017 with the first line and finally ending in 2019, completely bypassing Bolueta.

Station layout[edit]

Bolueta is an elevated station, with two platforms located above a main entry hall. The station can be accessed from Otxarkoaga and Ibarsusi streets. In 2012 a new access was opened from Telleria street, including an elevator for people with restricted mobility.


  • Aiga stairs up inv.svg Otxarkoaga Rd.
  • Aiga stairs down inv.svg Ibarsusi Rd., 1
  • Aiga elevator inv.svg MUTCD D9-6.svg Santa Ana, Telleria St., 1 (access only to Metro platforms)
  • Aiga elevator inv.svg MUTCD D9-6.svg Station main hall, includes elevators to Euskotren Trena platforms


Metro services[edit]

Preceding station   Metro Bilbao   Following station
toward Plentzia or Bidezabal
Line 1
toward Kabiezes
Line 2
toward Basauri

Bus services[edit]

In close proximity to the station there are bus stops for Bilbobus line 30 running to Begoña, Abando and Ibaiondo as well as several Bizkaibus lines running to Galdakao and Leioa (A2610), Ugao-Miraballes (A3613), Basauri and Zaratamo (A3622) and Artea (A3928).

Former services[edit]

When the station was opened in 1997, the station served as the only connection between the Metro Bilbao network and the Euskotren Trena lines to the cities of Bermeo, Durango, Eibar and San Sebastián. All the Euskotren Trena lines that had Bilbao-Atxuri station as a terminus stopped at Bolueta, including the former lines 1, 1D and 3, with a train every 30 minutes in either direction.[1] After the opening of Metro Bilbao's Line 3, operated by Euskotren Trena, the trains coming from all destinations except Bermeo were rerouted through the new underground route that connects directly with Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo station in central Bilbao, bypassing Bolueta and Atxuri stations completely.[2]


After the opening of the Zazpikaleak/Casco Viejo station for Euskotren Trena, most commuter trains coming from inner Biscay and Gipuzkoa were diverted toward the newer, more centric station, in consequence leaving Bolueta station with little commuter rail traffic. While the original operational plan for Euskotren Trena involved the diversion of all E4 trains coming from Gernika and Bermeo to the new station in early 2018, the changes were delayed at least until 2019 to avoid leaving the commuter rail section of the station without any services, which in turn would also affect Bilbao-Atxuri station.[3] The Basque Government and the administration of the rail network, Euskal Trenbide Sarea (ETS), announced in 2003 the intention of transforming the rail road section between Bilbao-Atxuri, Bolueta and Etxebarri into a tramway line, thus continuing the existing Bilbao tramway service which currently has its terminus at Bilbao-Atxuri, however not many actions have been taken towards this objective. In early 2017 the plan was brought back by the administration and some studies were conducted[4] In November 2018 it was announced by the Basque Government that the works to transform the lower level of Bolueta station into a tram stop while maintaining the connection with Metro Bilbao would start in 2019.[5] It is expected to be finished in 2021.


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