János Bolyai Mathematical Institute

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Bolyai Institute is the mathematics institute of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Szeged, named after the Hungarian mathematicians, Farkas Bolyai, and his son János Bolyai, the co-discoverer of non-Euclidean geometry. Its director is Gyula Pap. Among the former members of the institute are Frigyes Riesz, Alfréd Haar, Rudolf Ortvay, Tibor Radó, Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy, László Kalmár, Géza Fodor.


  • Algebra and Number Theory (head: Mária Szendrei)
  • Analysis (head: Lajos Molnár)
  • Applied and Numerical Mathematics (head: Tibor Krisztin)
  • Geometry (head: Árpád Kurusa)
  • Set Theory and Mathematical Logic (head: Péter Hajnal)
  • Stochastics (head: Gyula Pap)

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