Bolzano Tramway

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Bolzano Tram
Type tramway
Status abandoned
Termini Guncina funicular
Laives/Brennero Street
Stations 8
Opened July 1, 1909
Closed 1948
Line length 5,00 km
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in)
Electrification yes
Route map

The Bolzano Tram is a former transport net, built to connect the various villages near Bolzano, in what is now South Tyrol, northern Italy. At the time, Zwölfmalgreien, Bolzano and Gries were three independent municipalities.


The first built line started at the today called Guntschna street, near the Guncina funicular. From there it got to the Piazza Gries and to Talvera Bridge, to enter the Bolzano city. Today Piazza Gries and the Talvera Bridge are connected by a broad street, but this street was built later during Fascism in Italy, and so the tram crosses the field near small streets. In the center of Bolzano the track had some really small curve radius because of the old buildings. After arriving at Piazza Walther, where it meets the terminus track of the Rittnerbahn (or Renon Railway), the line went on the station alley and from there to Brennero Street. The second line was built in various sections, because the company that runs the Brennero railway thought the new tram would be a hard concurrent between Laives and Bolzano, since the Laives railway station was really far away from the village. Finally the line was built along the Brennero Street from Laives to Piazza Walter, where it shared the tracks with line one and the Renon railway until the Bolzano station, where it had its own terminus.


The company had some really good years, in which many local factories had their own tracks to the tram line. In the best years they bought some cars from the Merano tram company, which had some financial problems at that time. After World War II the network was abandoned and substituted by some bus lines. The now unused cars returned to the Merano tram company where they remained until the service was suspended.


The former carhouse of the tram lines is still visible near Piazza della Vittoria. Like in some other cities in political campaigns of the local politicians sometimes there has been talk of reactivating the tram to reduce air pollution in the city, which today has a lot of traffic.


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Coordinates: 46°29′54″N 11°21′17″E / 46.49833°N 11.35472°E / 46.49833; 11.35472