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This article is about a recording studio in California. For the Japanese punk rock band, see Bomb Factory (band). For the music venue, see The Bomb Factory.

Bomb Factory is a recording studio and manufacturer of music plugins based in Los Angeles, California.

Music studio[edit]

Bomb Factory Studios features an extensive collection of vintage and historic equipment and musical instruments. Between 1996 and 1999, Bomb Factory was the host and benefactor involved in the restoration of dozens of instruments now part of the non-profit Cantos Music Museum Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Music plugins[edit]

Erik Gavriluk, the owner of Bomb Factory Studios, met Dave Amels while restoring the museum pieces. Together they decided to take their music production expertise and knowledge of vintage equipment and apply it to digital signal processing for Pro Tools by forming Bomb Factory Digital.

Key innovations included:

In 2004, Digidesign acquired all 27 shipping Bomb Factory products. Bomb Factory retained rights to more than 30 unreleased products and associated technologies.

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