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The Bomba , also spelled as Bambas, are a powerful tribe[citation needed] of Muzaffarabad District in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. They are also found in the Mansehra District of the North West Frontier Province (now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) of Pakistan.[1] A few also live in Kupwara district of Kashmir.

History and origin[edit]

The original word is Bambah, not the Bomba. They style themselves as 'Sultans', and claim origins from the Quraysh Arab tribe, the name Bambah is a corruption of Bani Omayyah.The ancestor of the tribe is Abdullah Al Asghar the son of Othman Ibn Affan and Ruqayyah bint Muhammad(saw). The family tree is available at International Library Muzaffarabad. Some people says that Bambahs are from the Rajput origins. But they do not provide any proof. The family tree which is available at the Muzaffarabad library. It is attested in 1905 A.D. Many families are related with it. Especially the family of Pir Faqirullah Bakoti and Sultan Hasan Ali Khan of Boi also belong to the same tribe. The second edition of this family tree was published in 1920 A.D. but not at the time of partition.

Many books and historians are also agreed that the Bambahs are not the local residents of Kashmir. They migrated from Badakshan to Kashmir with Zul Qadar Khan at the time of Halakoo Khan. The name historians are Hashmatullah Lakhnavi,[2] Molana Nadvi,[3] Mohammadudin Fouq,[4] Tahir Almaki [5] Al Masudi.[6]

These are the pictures of family tree which is available at Muzaffarabad International Library and Gujarkhan muncipal corporation office. According to this family tree which is dated on 1905 A.D. The family is migrated from Badakshan to Kashmir. The Molana Akbar Shah Khan Najeeb Abadi Says in his book Tareek-e-Islam That, when Abbasi's got the power and they became in rule they ordered to kill all of Bani Umayya's. But some of them succeed to escape and spread in Koh-e-Sulaiman, Sind, Punjab and Kashmir and did not showed their family name and identity, infect they changed their identity to save themselves. In "Tareekh Aqwame Kashmir" Muhammad ud Deen Fouq says that 'in the history Muzaffar Khan the founder of Muzaffar abad was the first man who is known by the name"Bambah". According to the family tree Sultan Qasim migrated to Kashmir from Badakshan. History tells us that at the time of Mehdi Abbasi one of grandsons of Abu Sufian was lived in khurasan. According to "Tareekh e Hazara" by Sher Bahadur Khan Panni, Sultan Qasim arrived to Kashmir from Badakshan and settled in Kurmung, Kamal Khan was the governorof the Kurmung from the Turks rulers, He married his daughter to Kashif Khan. But after a few years he killed him. Kashif Khan had a son from Kamal Khan's daughter, named Qasim Khan. Sultan Muzaffar Khan was descendant of Qasim Khan in the 16th generation.

Part 1 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 2 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 3 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 4 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 5 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 6 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 7 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 8 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 9 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 10 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 11 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 12 of Bomba Family Tree
Part 13 of Bomba Family Tree

Bombas of Hazara Division[edit]

The Bomba are found in smaller numbers in the Boi tract of the Mansehra District also in mansehra city of the Hazara Division of the North West Frontier Province/Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. They are represented by two main families, one of Boi and the other of Jabri Kahsh. The Boi family is an important one in this region.[7]

Bombas of Keran Kupwara[edit]

Karen is a village located in Kupwara Jammu and Kashmir, on the Indo-Pakistan border on the bank of the Neelum (Kishanganga) river. The Keran has the denomination of Bomba Tribe linked with Sultan Muzaffarabad Khan and Sheer Ahmed Khan. The Keran town was founded and built up by the Khans about 1000 years ago and invited many other tribe to complete the galaxy of the township. In 20th century the most prominent figures of Keran includes Sofi Khan-Zaman Khan-Zaberdast Khan- Haji Feroz Khan-Ayoub Khan (Jagheerdar) and others...Later on Yaqoob Khan-Afrasayab Khan-Noroz Khan-Sahib Khan-Siraj Khan-Noroz Khan-Fatehyab Khan.Nasir Khan-Wlayat Khan-Sarfraz Khan-Akther Khan-Zamir Khan and many more. The family tree has the roots with other origin Like Neelum-Kel-Salkhala-Khori-Pathika-Lowasi-Boie-Kagan-Gilgit and more

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