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The Bomba , also spelled as Bambas, are a powerful tribe of Muzaffarabad District in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. They are also found in the Mansehra District of the North West Frontier Province (now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) of Pakistan.[1]Kupawara District of Indian Held Kashmir.

History and origin[edit]

The Bombas/Bambas style themselves as 'Sultans', and some claim origins from the Quraysh Arab tribe, and say the name Bomba is a corruption of Bani-Hashim, and they are descendants of Ali, son in law of Muhammad.[2] Others state that they are of indigenous hill Rajput origins.[3] In the past Bombas ruled the Jhelum valley and had a close alliance and kinship with the Khakha Rajput tribe who also inhabited the same area. The success of this alliance, earned them a warlike and refractory reputation, as jointly they fought the early Mughal rule of Akbar and later resisted the Sikhs.

Sultan Muzaffar Khan Bomba established the city of Muzaffarabad in present-day Azad Kashmir. Sultan Sher Ahmed Khan Bomba was the last Bomba ruler, who was defeated by the Dogra ruler Maharaja Rambir Singh at Panzgam, Kupwara (Keran-Karnah) in current day Indian Kashmir during the early 19th century. Kupwara Keran Bomba Tribe consist of prominent Heads like Sofi Khan-Sheermar Khan-Feroz Khan-Zabardast Khan-Zakeria Khan. Before partition of State Jammu & Kashmir the state was ruled by Bombas and have their empire at many parts of the state like Khori,Majhoi,Lawasi,etc.

Bombas of Hazara Division[edit]

The Bomba are found in smaller numbers in the Boi tract of the Mansehra District also in mansehra city of the Hazara Division of the North West Frontier Province/Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. They are represented by two main families, one of Boi and the other of Jabri Kahsh. The Boi family is an important one in this region.[4]

Bombas of Keran Kupwara[edit]

Karen is a village located in Jammu and Kashmir, India and on the Pakistan side in the Neelum Valley on the bank of the Neelum (Kishanganga) river. The village lies on the Indo-Pakistan border.Keran a beautiful Town of the State of Jammu & Kashmir was established/founded by Bomba tribe Head Raja in the tenth century.. Keran is blessed with natural resources. Many Bomba sardars from different region/location inched in to keran.The Keran block includes three villages: Keran, Mundiyan and Pathran. The Orchestrators of Keran Town Include..Haibat Khan,Bahadur Khan, Sofi Khan, Zabardast Khan,Zaman Khan.. After Bobma Invention many other cast of families have been invited to build a Galaxy of the village.

After 1947 the partition of subcontinent led separation of many Bomba Families into two wings of Kashmir. Keran Kupwara is a location of Bamba Family at Indian Administered Kashmir.In 1990, the Indian army relocated the villagers due to the insurgency. In 1992, flood swept over the cultivated land and houses more than 30% of the total Town was cut down from the Map.

Kearn Bomba's Tribe key personalities were (1947-1990)

  • Haji Feroz Khan,*Ayoub Khan Jagirdar,*Yaqoob Khan,*Afra Syab Khan,*Sheer Khan*Siraj Khan,*Hadyatullah Khan,*Pehlwan Khan,.*Saif Khan any many others.

Kearn Bomba's Tribe key personalities were (1990......)

  • Noroz Khan *Ilyas Khan*Nasir Khan *Zameer Khan*Fetheyab Khan*Akther Khan

In 1990 Kashmir struggle escalated sharply and forced many Kashmiri's at LOC to migrate Azad Kashmir. As a result, Majority of the Bomba Families from Keran Kupwara relocated their place of origin and migrated to AJK Pakistan. It was reassembling of the families separated in 1947 as many of the Bomba Families in Neelum Village ( Ali Bhaudar Khan) Kel (Qazi Aftab Khan) Dangar Village and Salkhala Authmoqam has welcome the displaced families coming from Keran Kupwara.

Following Focal persons of Bomba Families from Kearn in 1990's led the families to re-organize and catch up blood relations.

  • Wlayat Khan- Farid Khan-Sarfraz Khan-Zaheer Khan-Ali Asghar Khan-Ashraf Khan

Currently Key Personalities (Youths) Include...Muzaffarabad>>>> Arif Khan-Imtiaz Khan-Farooq Khan-Riaz Khan Salfi-Iftiaz Khan-Baidar Khan-Dildar Khan-Akash Khan.From Keran>>>>Muneem Khan-Umar Nasi Khan-Nazir Hussain Khan-Majaz Khan-Tasleem Khan.Bilal Khan Displaced Families from Keran Kupwara are now settled in Muzaffarabad Surroundings. (By Mumtaz Ahmed Khan)

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