Bombaby the Screen Goddess

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Bombaby the Screen Goddess is a fictional character published in a comic book of the same name written by Antony Mazzotta and published by Slave Labor Graphics. The character is based upon an Avatar of the Hindu goddess Mumbadevi.

Plot summary[edit]

Sangeeta Mukherjee is the daughter of well-to-do, traditional parents, dealing with a bratty little sister and a possible arranged marriage when an out-of-body experience reveals that she is not an ordinary young woman. Sangeeta is, in fact, the reincarnation of India's ancient protector, the Goddess of Mumbai. But how will Sangeeta use this new-found power? Can she make a difference in a male-dominated society? Sangeeta must defy traditional expectations to choose what kind of life she wants and discover her true self.


Bombaby hugely affected the comic industry for an indie release - despite the profound effect India has had on worldwide culture, and the interest it elicited in the past.

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