Bombard the Headquarters

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Bombard The Headquarters – My Big-Character Poster (Chinese: 炮打司令部——我的一张大字报) was a short document written by Mao Zedong on August 5, 1966 during the 11th Plenary Session of the 8th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and published on the Communist Party's official newspaper People's Daily the same day.

It is commonly believed that this "poster" directly targeted Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping, who were then in charge of Chinese government's daily affairs and who tried to cool down the mass hysteria which had been coming into shape in several universities in Beijing since the May 16 Notice, through which Mao officially launched the Cultural Revolution, was issued.

Much larger scale of mass persecutions came after the publication of this big-character poster, resulting in turmoil of the whole country and the death of thousands of "class enemies", including Liu Shaoqi.

The original text of the poster was:


English translation:

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