Bombardier Movia CR151

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Bombardier Movia CR151
In service2021
ManufacturerBombardier Transportation
Built atChangchun, China[1]
Family nameMovia[2]
ReplacedKawasaki Heavy Industries C151
Constructed2019 onwards
Entered service2021 onwards
Number built396 vehicles (66 trainsets)
Formation6 per trainset
Capacity1920 passengers
Operator(s)SMRT Trains (SMRT Corporation)
Depot(s)Bishan (Future)
Tuas (Future)
Ulu Pandan (Future)
Changi (Future)
East Coast (Future)
Line(s) served EWL  East West Line (Future)
 NSL  North South Line (Future)
Doors8 per car
Traction systemBombardier MITRAC SiC-VVVF
Electric system(s)750 V DC third rail
Current collection methodCollector shoe
Safety system(s)Thales SelTrac® Moving Block CBTC, ATC with subsystems of ATO GOA 3 (DTO), ATP, NetTrac ATS, CBI[3]
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The trains manufactured by Bombardier under Contract R151 (CR151) are the upcoming seventh generation electric multiple unit rolling stock to be introduced on the existing East West and North South lines of Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. The stock will replace all 66 first-generation trains, which have been in service for over 30 years, well past their life span. These new trains are part of the North South and East West lines' core systems upgrade and renewal programme.

66 six-car high-capacity Bombardier Movia trainsets comprising 396 cars will be delivered from 2021 onwards, entering service shortly after. The design of the trains will be completed in Germany, in coordination with Bombardier's Singapore team. The trains will be manufactured in Bombardier's Changchun facility in China.


The tender for trains under the contract R151 was closed on 4 September 2017 with 5 bids. The LTA had shortlisted all of them and the tender results were published.[4]

S/N Name of tenderer Amount ($S) Option 9 (Long Term Service Support)[5]
1 Alstom Transport S.A. / Alstom Transport (S) Pte Ltd Consortium 682,696,431.00 S$626,697,233.00
2 Bombardier (Singapore) Pte Ltd 827,075,921.00 S$269,652,420.94+EUR75,135,67 3.16+GBP2,670,699.27
3 Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A. 867,275,662.00 S$307,320,742
4 Hyundai Rotem Company 696,960,000.00 S$517,973,000.00
5 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. / Kawasaki Heavy Industries(Singapore) Pte Ltd & CRRC Qingdao Sifang Consortium / Singapore CRRC Sifang Railway Vehicles Service Pte. Ltd. Consortium 941,906,324.00 S$1,111,653,342

Design and features[edit]

The CR151 trains are the second batch of trains that are not manufactured by Kawasaki and the past consortiums, after the C651 trains which were manufactured by Siemens.

It will feature a new livery of green and red stripes against a white background running around the cars, similar to the C151C. It is also the first train to feature a massive redesign over the other previous rolling stock, including the sixth rolling stock, C151C. That includes a more streamlined body design with a unique headlight placement and also the first batch of trains to come with bright white LED headlights over the conventional fluorcent yellow lights.

The trains also include several unique features, such as condition monitoring sensors and analytic systems to detect faults beforehand as well as an onboard self-test system that checks whether the train is fit for operation. In addition, four trains will also have an Automatic Track Inspection (ATI) system ,consisting of cameras, lasers and sensors, to detect rail defects.

Furthermore, the trains would also have wider areas near the doors to aid the movement of passengers in and out of the train, and tip-up seats that cater to parents with prams, wheelchair users and people with personal mobility devices or foldable bicycles without reducing seat count.[6][7]

The trains will also utilise a Bombardier Mitrac propulsion and control system.[2]

It will be the third train type to be equipped with STARIS 2.0 during manufacturing process in which it will consists of 2 LCD screens displaying the travel information, such as the upcoming stations the train will arrive at, door closing warnings and attractions nearby the station.

On 1 April 2019, Bombardier Transportation and the Land Transport Authority launched a mockup of the interior of the CR151 at the SG Mobility Gallery at LTA's office at Hampshire Road.[8] A poll is also being done to collect public opinion on the features of the train such as the livery, interior colour scheme, the tip-up seats and the Additional Passenger Media Display (APMD).[9]


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