Bomberman Quest

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Bomberman Quest
Bomberman Quest.jpg
Developer(s) Hudson Soft

Hudson Soft

Director(s) Shigeki Fujiwara
Takeshi Ikenouchi
Composer(s) Keiji Ueno
Goro Takahashi
Jun Chikuma (Battle Theme)
Series Bomberman
Platform(s) Game Boy Color (Super Game Boy 2 compatible)
  • JP: 24 December 1998
  • NA: 1998
  • EU: 1999
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Mode(s) Single player, Online

Bomberman Quest (ボンバーマンクエスト), is an action-adventure game. The player takes the role of Bomberman, who has to defeat monsters and collect items to defeat the four bosses of each area.


Peece Town[edit]

The town in which Bomberman starts his quest.

Peace town has no monsters, but does contain several buildings that provide help.

  • Crashed Bomber Shuttle: Check the number of engines bomberman has gotten back.
  • Kepo Statue: Save game progress.
  • The Library: Learn about the controls, monsters, items, and other useful information.
  • Bearded Man's House: Bomberman can never enter this house, but he can talk to the bearded man.
  • Bomb Workshop: Upgrade a bomb's firepower, or create new bombs using bomb components.

Field Zone[edit]

This is the first real area visited. The zone consists of fields and trees The monsters are fairly weak, and the layout is very straight forward.

  • Ballom: An extremely weak monster. It wanders randomly about the field, and only has 3 health points. It is even weaker due to its attraction to any bombs laid on the field. Like all monsters, it deals damage when touched. (Item: Fire)
  • Onil: A slightly stronger monster. It wanders randomly about the field, and has 4 health points. This monster is also attracted to bombs It's in the ancient ruins. (Item: Dash shoes)
  • Burol: A slower monster. It wanders randomly about the field, and only has 3 health points. (Item: Yo-yo)
  • Kurin: A faster monster. It wanders randomly about the field, and has 4 health points. (Item: Land mine)
  • Blobby: A bouncing monster. It bounds randomly about the field, and only has 4 health points. (Item: Rubber)
  • Borey: A monster that charges at its enemies. It wanders randomly about the field, and has 4 health points. (Item: Tackle Belt)
  • Pengy: A monster that follows its enemies. Once you're in its sights, it will chase after you quickly. It has 5 health points. (Item: Full Heart)
  • Trent: A monster that, instead of following its enemies, hides in a pair of trees, randomly shifting from one to the other. He attacks you using the tree's roots, and has 5 health points. He can't be harmed by regular bombs, i.e. bombs with a cross-shaped blast radius. The bombs that can be used against him are found later in the game. It is not painful to touch him, but it is to touch its roots. (Item: Shield)
  • Archer: A monster that runs left to right along his platform, shooting arrows at you. He has 4 health points. (Item: White Card)
  • Ghostey: A floating monster that floats around the field randomly. It is immune to normal bombs, but cannot harm Bomberman, either. (Item: Safety Shoes)
  • Parse: A monster that resembles a bear's head. He bounces around the field, occasionally flying directly at Bomberman. (Item: Fire)
  • Grein: A fireball monster who shoots fire at its enemies. He cannot be harmed by normal bombs, only by Ice Bombs. (Item: Scuba Gear)
  • Water Commander (Boss): The Field Zone's Commander. She is a young girl who throws bouncing bombs around the field. She doesn't actively attack Bomberman, but puts out bombs he lays with water. She is easily defeated, as she gets hit by her own bombs. When you defeat her, you receive the first engine and the Forest Zone becomes accessible. (Item: Explosive Core)

Forest Zone[edit]

The second zone, it contains enemies that are stronger than those present in the Field Zone. Contains flying enemies that cannot be hit until later in the game.

Note: hit points will no longer be listed (and neither items) because past the Field Zone, it doesn't really matter how much life the enemies have. They are all taken down with ease if the correct strategy is employed. And the items will not be listed because, also, it's unimportant what drops from now on. The only thing that matters is defeating the enemies; the items will take care of themselves.

  • Mad Flower: Stationary monster. Releases two small flowers to chase Bomberman around the screen. These are fairly fast and are best avoided.
  • Fruity:A flying monster that is unable to be hit by normal bombs. Hovers around the screen, chasing Bomberman and kicking the bombs that he lays down. Shoots bouncing rubber balls.
  • Digadug: A mole that digs into the ground, periodically emerging from it in order to see where it is. Unable to be hit by normal bombs, because they take too long to detonate, this monster must be defeated via a short-fused bomb and a hammer, both of which are acquired later in the game.
  • Curansee: A cleverly-named coin monster that moves rapidly when it catches sight of Bomberman. Easy to defeat if you move quickly and trap it with your bombs.
  • Balballoon: A flying monster that shoots propellers in random directions (whichever way it happens to be facing) and dislikes bombs, running away from them.
  • Devil Ant: A worker ant that flings at Bomberman chunks of rock/earth that split upon hitting the ground. Sometimes, the Devil Ant stands still and emits around it an array of small debris that can be avoided with relative ease.
  • Torton A giant, slow, turtle that has a lot of hit points. If it sees Bomberman, it will charge at him, but otherwise will move extremely slowly around the arena. Its only weak point is its head.
  • Shelterine: Found inside of the well, this monster mirrors Bomberman's moves (if Bomberman moves left, it goes right) and can only be hit using the Aqua Bomb. Periodically, the Shelterine will jump up and emit four waves of sound, or energy, that go in the directions of the compass.
  • Baddo: A bat enemy that flies at the opposite side of the screen from which Bomberman entered. Periodically emits three sound waves that travel in a fan-like way. Easy to defeat.
  • Killer Moth: A foe that is rather annoying, it charges at Bomberman whenever it catches sight of him. The fact that it's always "in your face" makes the Killer Moth troublesome to hit and causes frustration.
  • Mechabomb: Kicks bombs and shoots mini-bombs at Bomberman. Easy to defeat if trapped in between a pillar and two bombs because it chases Bomberman and will constantly run against the wall if he's on the other side of it.
  • Sandy: A rip-off of Glover, this hand monster throws back any bomb thrown at it. Don't throw anything at it (trap it, instead), and it's a cakewalk of a monster.
  • Electro Commander (Boss): Commander of the Forest Zone, the Electro Commander is tough at first, easy once you realize that he flees from bombs and will get himself stuck at the entrance to the arena if two bombs are placed directly south of him. A fast foe, the Electro Commander emits three homing energy balls to chase Bomberman around the arena. Do not attempt to jump over them: one is slow, one is moderately fast, and the last is fast; one will hit you. As he runs around the arena, the Electro Commander will lay down his own array of bombs (sometimes hitting himself with them), and will charge at Bomberman whenever he gets the chance to.

Beach Zone[edit]

  • Krabbler:
  • Dragon Pup:
  • Seeballon
  • Puuyan
  • Gargoyle
  • Gell
  • Despider
  • Iceal
  • Skullhead
  • Pinokion
  • Matango
  • Hurri Commander

Desert Zone[edit]

  • Flyball
  • Snaky
  • Hoopster
  • Jakkenboxx
  • Pygmin
  • Crystal Demon
  • Walking Hat
  • Yeti
  • Hippity Hop
  • Sparky
  • Tinklebear
  • Shadow Knight
  • Pyro Commander

Super Game Boy[edit]

The game is presented with a special border if played on the Super Game Boy. There is another border only seen in 2 players link up mode, but since the Super Game Boy doesn't have any linking options, it is only possible to see it by linking a Super Game Boy 2 with a Game Boy.

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