Bomberman World

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Bomberman World
North American cover art
Developer(s)Hudson Soft
Director(s)Shigeki Fujiwara
Producer(s)Hiroaki Baba
Designer(s)Takashi Minami
Shigeki Fujiwara
Artist(s)Shoji Mizuno
Composer(s)Hironao Yamamoto
Jun Chikuma
  • JP: January 29, 1998
  • PAL: August 1998
  • NA: September 22, 1998
Genre(s)Action, maze
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Bomberman World (ボンバーマンワールド, Bonbāman Wārudo) is a video game for the PlayStation. It is part of the Bomberman series. It was the first Bomberman game to be released for the PlayStation.


There were once four evil Bombers called the Dark Force Bombers who tried to bring darkness to the Bomberman world. The ancient ancestors of the Bombermen imprisoned the Dark force Bombers in the Blue Crystal. Millions of years later, Bagular, appearing from another point in the time-space continuum, destroyed the Blue Crystal, thus freeing the villains. The freed bombers became Bagular's minions and conquered the four worlds. It is now up to Bomberman to save the worlds from evil.


Story Mode[edit]

Bomber worlds. To complete the areas, you must control Bomberman and set bombs to destroy enemies and obstacles that will lead to the exit. To be able to complete each level, the player must locate and pick up all of the Crystals on the map. Once this is complete, the door to the exit will open, and the player is allowed to move on to the next area. In the fourth area of each world, the player will have to defeat a Dark Force Bomber, and an extra boss that is themed after the type of world the setting is in.

Once you defeat a Dark Force Bomber, the player is given a unique battle armor to wear for the next boss battle, which has a normal attack and a special attack. The battle armor is only used for the boss battles, meaning once the player advances to the next world, the battle armor will be lost. As such, it is recommended that players take full advantage of the armor.


In multiplayer mode, the last one standing is the winner. Set bombs to destroy other bombers. There are different modes to play at, such as "Single Match" and "Maniac Mode", and the player or players are able to chooser one of ten different unique maps to battle on, each map having a different twist and theme to the gameplay. The objective is to blow up blocks or obstacles to be able to advance towards other bombers and catch them with the fire from your bomb. When obstacles are blown up, items frequently drop from them.

Single Match[edit]

Single Match is a basic game in which five Bombers are on a map chosen before the game starts. The player can choose "Tag Match" or "Battle Royal", with Tag Match being able to choose two teams to fight, and Battle Royal for a free-for-all on all five players. There are other options that can be determined, like number of rounds to win in order to win altogether, time limit for each round, Sudden Death, Bad Bomber, and others. Sudden Death happens once a certain amount of time has passed, and the map starts to fall apart rapidly, killing any player who happens to be standing on a space that disappears. Bad Bomber is an option that allows a defeated player to hover around the edge of the map and shoot bombs onto the map in hopes of taking out other Bombers. Setting the Bad Bomber option to "Super" results in the event that a Bad Bomber kills a Bomber, that Bad Bomber will come back to life.

Maniac Mode[edit]

Maniac Mode is another type of multi-player game setting, in which you choose which items you want to have appear on the field, and how many. Possibilities range from having maximum fire matches with other players, or merely a max amount of bombs with no firepower, as well as gaining special powers that cannot be obtained during normal Single Match play, such as the item that allows you to walk through walls.

Special Mode[edit]

This mode allows the player to play a special level with a pre-determined amount of time to complete (only options are two-minutes and five-minutes), as well picking a selection of items to start with. There are three selections, each containing three different items, or amounts of a certain item. The object of the Special Mode is to rack up as many points as you can, done best by defeating numerous enemies within the same blast of a bomb, and picking up letters. Defeating the Boss at the end of the level yields a large number of bonus points. The game is over once the player dies, or defeats the boss.

When a game ends, the player is ranked on the number of points he or she acquired before they lost or won. Higher points will result in a positive ranking (like Good Bomber) and low points will result in a negative ranking (like Worst Bomber). It is unclear whether or not the rankings have anything to do with the game (because there is no High-Score board) other than being a self-accomplishment for the player to achieve the best ranking possible.


Man!ac gave the game a score of 75/100.[1]


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