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This article is about the song by 2 Bad Mice. For information on threats of explosion, see Bomb threat.
Single by 2 Bad Mice
from the album Hold It Down
Released 1991
Format 12"
Genre Breakbeat
Length 5:24
Label Moving Shadow

Bombscare is a track from the 1991 album Hold It Down by 2 Bad Mice.

It makes heavy use of samples, taking drumbeats then chopping and rearranging them to create a distinctive musical style. The main sample heard is from the song Don't Mess With This Beat by Neon; other samples for the breakbeat are from Let Me Love You (Rebuilt) by Kariya.[citation needed]

A single was released in the UK in 1996 featuring several remixes of the song. It peaked at #46 on the UK Singles Chart.[1]

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